What Does Collate Mean in Printing? 

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A reliable printer is an essential piece of equipment for an efficient work or home office. Whether you use it to print weekly business reports or college assignments, it’s important to choose a printer with the right functions and capabilities for your needs, such as scanning, photocopying, collating or faxing.

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How to Change Toner in Brother Printer 

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When they were first placed on the market in the late 1970s, laser printers were far too expensive for home use. Unless you worked for a large business or printing company, a laser printer was likely too costly for your office as well. While this new printing style enabled higher quality and quicker printing speeds than ever before, the initial costs outweighed the benefits for most organizations.

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7 Ways Personal Printers for Teachers Can Be Used

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Thanks partly to the pandemic’s reliance on remote learning, districts across the country are pushing for digital materials more than ever. Unfortunately, research shows that students read differently on a screen than they do on paper and not in a good way.  Continue reading “7 Ways Personal Printers for Teachers Can Be Used”

How to Reduce Ink Usage in HP Deskjet Printer

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Although many offices are transitioning to a paperless work environment, there will always be a need for hard copies of documents and printed publications. While there are numerous ink-efficient HP ink cartridges for your Deskjet printer, there are several techniques you can use to reduce ink usage.  Continue reading “How to Reduce Ink Usage in HP Deskjet Printer”

How a Home Printer Can Save You Time and Money

A printer is an essential piece of home office equipment. Now that millions of Americans have begun working from home, the home printer has become even more invaluable. While it’s a large initial investment, a home printer is more cost-effective in the long run than heading to a local print shop every time you need to produce hard copies of a document. Most importantly, having a printer in your home office saves you valuable time in your workday.  Continue reading “How a Home Printer Can Save You Time and Money”

3 Ink-Efficient Printers for School Projects

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Ink can be expensive. When it comes to a school project, you’ll need a printer that can use ink efficiently while still maintaining print quality. When you’re shopping for a printer for your school projects, look for features such as the ability to quickly check ink levels, a good page yield per cartridge and how easy it is to find compatible cartridges and bottles. Also, find out how many pages the printer can print per minute and the quality of the final prints since you don’t want any streaks or marks on your school assignments.      Continue reading “3 Ink-Efficient Printers for School Projects”