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How to Clean Ink Stains from your Carpet

But what if you did all that and it just happened to slip from your hands and fall where there is not protection and you know that will happen. Another misfortune could be a leaky ink cartridge. So what we have are some tips and ideas with items found at most homes. Be ready to say good bye to the stains<< MORE >>

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Printer & Ink Cartridge Review

Getting back on track with the latest ink cartridge arrivals to our online stock. Today we feature the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Inkjet printer. A very inexpensive printer compared to similar models from other brands. This printer is perfect for busy home office printing or a small business office setting that needs a dependable printer to get the work done.

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St. Patrick´s Day Printables from Canon Crative Park

Happy St. Patrick´s Day! In case you need some last minute decorations, we gather a few great ideas for you. There are many different sites where you can find great printable ideas. Being that we have a soft spot in our heart for special project pages and tips. We feature one more time from one of our favorites printable project sites the: Canon Creative Park.

Green is a great color and ...
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Truths and Lies About Inkjet Printer Cartridges

The following are some facts about inkjet printer cartridges and the real answer. You will be surprised to find out the truth. It is important to how an ink cartridge works. There are two kinds of inkjet systems, most manufacturers use the thermal inkjet system, and the other kind is Piezoelectric Inkjet system.

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The 3 R’s of Printing Everybody Needs to Know

Just like the 3 R’s of recycling help you do it better, printing also has three R’s which, if followed, will help you to successfully accomplish perfect printing. Find out how the 3 R’s of Printing can make you a master printing artist.

The 3 R’s of printing are very similar to recycling because the concept is to help you save ink or ...
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President’s Day Printable Ideas

Today is President's Day and a great time to celebrate with your kids. They are home and if you don't want them to spend the entire day in front of the T.V. playing video games or watching movies, then we've got some great ideas for you to print, play, learn and enjoy. Just click on the links and follow the directions available.

First we ...
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Print Calendars this Presidents Day with Snapfish by HP Printables

President’s Day is here celebrated on the third Monday in February and being a national holiday many schools and business close. You have plenty of time to have a picnic if the weather allows and print calendars, planners, lists, meal planners, grocery lists, chore charts, and stickers. 

Snapfish is now the home of great free printables and ...
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Valentine's Day Printing Guide Part 1- Canon Creative Park

Only a few more days until the holiday of love comes. Love is an every day event but it is nice to take a moment when all others do and say I love you in a personalized way. We will be sharing in the next couple of days several sites where you can get "FREE" downloadable templates for all your valentines needs. Today we're featuring
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How to Print Valentine's Day Coupons & Save

The month of love is almost here but because Valentine's Day is just around the corner the best way to save on presents is to use inkjet coupons. Let's face it we all need a break in our spending efforts without having to compromise on something special for our sweetheart!

Lucky for us there are many coupon sites that are offering printable inkjet coupons so you can print and save immediately. ...
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Tips to Clean Your Inkjet Printer

If you are planning on doing this to your inkjet printer because it's printing badly think again...  


When your inkjet printer isn’t printing correctly, it could be because there are dried up inks clogging the cartridge, heads are dirty or the rollers are covered in ink. It’s vital these get cleaned or your print jobs won’t come out as expected. << MORE >>