Do Laser Printers Use Ink?

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While all printers require a cartridge, not all printer cartridges contain ink. Professionals classify printer cartridges into two categories: ink and toner. Do laser printers use ink? If you’re considering purchasing a laser printer, you’ll need to invest in toner cartridges for your printing needs.  Continue reading “Do Laser Printers Use Ink?”

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Printer for You

The printer is one of the classic computer peripherals. You might think choosing a printer is a relatively simple task, but like all hardware, once you dive into the details and functions, you end up with a broad and confusing list of options. Single function or all-in-ones, laser or inkjet, fixed or portable; the features seem endless and aren’t always self-explanatory. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Printer for You”

How to Replace Toner in Brother Printer

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Brother laser printers require toner cartridges to function and print documents. Knowing how to install and replace these cartridges is essential to the longevity of your device. However, even if you have experience using printers made by other manufacturers, Brother printers have a specific process you must know before attempting to replace toner.  Continue reading “How to Replace Toner in Brother Printer”

How to Reset an HP Printer

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On occasion, printers may run into various issues and connectivity troubles that prevent them from functioning correctly even without obvious signs of wear and tear. Examples include the inability to connect to your computer, failure to recognize a cartridge, empty paper tray error despite a full tray or miscellaneous error messages. Continue reading “How to Reset an HP Printer”

How to Remove Ink Cartridge from Epson Printer

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Changing ink cartridges is an important aspect of printer maintenance. It ensures your supplies are always topped up and helps you to keep print quality standards high. Replacing ink cartridges on time and with quality ink can also reduce printing costs in the office Continue reading “How to Remove Ink Cartridge from Epson Printer”

How to Change Ink in Brother Printer

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Choosing the right ink cartridges for your printer is an important element in producing quality prints and increasing the longevity of your device. While some businesses try to save money on stationery supplies and office equipment, such as printer ink, sacrificing quality for affordability can end up costing you more in printer replacement costs or repairs in the long run.  Continue reading “How to Change Ink in Brother Printer”

What Does Collate Mean in Printing? 

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A reliable printer is an essential piece of equipment for an efficient work or home office. Whether you use it to print weekly business reports or college assignments, it’s important to choose a printer with the right functions and capabilities for your needs, such as scanning, photocopying, collating or faxing.

Continue reading “What Does Collate Mean in Printing? “