What does OEM cartridge mean?


Most of us, if not all of us have heard the term OEM/original cartridges and find it in just about all material related to your printer.  It is obvious that original means it comes from the manufacturer and is not a replica or copy (that would be remanufactured in cartridge terms).

In inkjet or laser printing terms OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and it refers to the ink or toner cartridge that comes with the printer.  It also means all replacement cartridges that your printer manufacturer provides.  The term "Brand Name Ink Cartridge" is also used when referring to original cartridges.

We would like to expose several key points from OEM cartridges, such as:

  • Using an OEM cartridge guarantees you that the yield and density have been tested.  What does that mean?  The yield is the amount of pages the cartridge produces before finishing. The density measures how dark the text is, and it should be usually between 1.3 and 1.6.
  • You can be sure all cartridge components are brand new thus giving you the assurance that you get the best right off.  Each model printer has different characteristics and ink tones and an OEM cartridge will always give you the correct ink for your printer. 
  • All the OEM cartridges have been post tested.  Not all remanufactured or original cartridges can give you that guarantee.
We hope you have a better idea what an OEM ink cartridge is.  To finish this post we would like to remind you that you can find the best prices for any OEM brand at our store.



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  • 9/7/2010 8:25 PM Inkjet Cartridges wrote:
    The original cartridge, like majority of products indicates that it is superior to generic brands. Can this be guaranteed? I realize the printer is set to the ink density, but would it automatically set to a generic brand. Ok it may mean the generic ink is used quicker than the OEM. Is this probable?
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