Tips for Being an Amazing Office Manager

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When it comes to managing an office, there is no typical day at the office. Office managers are the ones employees go to when they need help with something, whether it is a problem with a customer or the copy machine. Office managers know what to do when a situation arises, and they’re not afraid to step in and take action. On top of that, they can multi-task like crazy, making them indispensable to employers.

No matter how good you are at your job, you can always find a way to do something even better. Maybe you can be more organized or improve your attitude so you can be more approachable or flexible. The good thing is that can you improve upon your skills without even having to take any classes.

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Ready to go from being a good office manager to being an amazing one? Here are some tips to help you truly stand out from the rest and make your company lucky to have you on their team.

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you consider yourself a decent communicator, but maybe you can be even better. There’s always room for improvement. Do you find it nerve-wracking to make presentations? Make it a point to present something at the next staff meeting―even if it’s just for a few minutes. You’ll get experience speaking in front of others, which will become useful if you ever have to fill in for your boss at a function.

2. Think outside the box.

You will, no doubt, come across problems that may be challenging to solve. These problems can be solved, but they require some innovative thinking. You won’t be able to default to your tried and true methods, which can be stressful, at first. That’s why it’s helpful to learn how to be creative when these types of situations arise.

To help you come up with new ideas, try reading newsletters and keeping on top of industry trends. You’ll be able to face your job with a new mindset.

3. Learn more about the company.

You should take the time to learn more about the business. How does the company make money? What role does everyone play in the company’s success? How does your role fit in? What can you do to move projects forward and help increase the company’s bottom line?

You can chat with others to learn more about what they do. You can also have a meeting with your boss and let him or her know that you’re interested in learning more about what you can do to help the company thrive. Your willingness to help out will certainly not be ignored.

4. Learn how to manage people more efficiently.

It can be challenging to deal with the various people in the office since everyone has their own personality. You may find it easy to get to know the friendly, outgoing types, while others can appear more aloof and standoffish.

Be patient and get to know everyone in the building. Do your best to communicate with everyone as much as you can and, at least, learn something new about them. This will help you build relationships and give you more insight as to how each person contributes to the team.

Businesswoman at desk in office

5. Improve your organization skills even further.

As an office manager, your job description is so varied that you’re, no doubt, managing dozens of things at once. Instead of relying on your memory to help you get through every task that needs to be completed, use a calendar. An Outlook or Google calendar can help you get through the day. You can use Post-it Notes to keep track of to-do items.

Whether you need to order more ink cartridges or schedule a client meeting, make sure you have the right tools so you can be on top of everything.

6. Brush up on your email skills.

Many people rush through emails, and, as a result, they are poorly written. As an office manager, you should strive to make your emails as clear and understandable as possible. Start with a clear subject and continue with a body that explains the message you’re trying to convey.

For emails, it’s best to be short and sweet. People may avoid reading it if it’s too long. Above all, be professional. Leave out the emojis and insults. Don’t forget to read your email before pressing Send. Check for spelling errors and incorrect grammar.

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Everyone knows you have a lot on your plate, but, because of your knowledge and ability to get things done, people come to you for help. As you interact with your co-workers and clients, you’ll get to know more about the business, making you an amazing office manager.