Product Spotlight: HP Ink Cartridges

Hewlett Packard printers (HP) are one of the pioneer companies when it comes to printers and printing supplies. It was founded in 1939 in California, by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard. While the first product created was an audio oscillator, the history of HP will show that today the company specializes in creating and manufacturing computers, networking hardware, computer storage and more. Items that consumers are most familiar with from HP include PCs, software, printers and imaging products.

HP printers have limitless options, and the models range anywhere from multi-function printers to color printers and inkjet printers. To get the best out of your HP printers, it’s ideal to pair it with the HP ink and toner cartridges that are available in a variety of options.

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What Are They?

HP Inkjet cartridges work alongside inkjet printers, and they are responsible for dispersing the ink onto the printed pages to create the words and images. Each ink cartridge will include one or more ink reservoirs, and some of these items have electronic chips to communicate with the printer in use.

In order to find the most ideal HP ink cartridge, be sure to know the printer model with which you’ll be working. These ink cartridges have fairly specific models and shapes to fit into printers, and you have a wide range of options when it comes to HP printers. Options range anywhere from the HP Business Inkjet Series to the HP Fax Series and the HP Thinkjet Series. Consider choosing your printer model first, so that you can decide which HP ink cartridge is right for your printer.

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There is a variety of benefits to using HP ink cartridges and toners, aside from the fact that HP is an experienced company in the field that has been perfecting their products since the late 30s.

Today’s cartridges from HP have an extremely low melting point, which means toners melt and fuse quickly in order to protect your prints and projects. These HP products are also designed to fit perfectly into cartridge holders, ensuring that a variety of cartridges will match your printer’s shape, size, temperature, and fusing type.

HP cartridges also have the benefit of being extremely forgiving with static, turning the static force into the perfect solution for getting every dot and dash onto the page perfectly. For those who are printing with lots of color, HP inkjet cartridges are known for creating very precise colors that are unique from one another. The quality toner works to flow easily enough that your colors are never mixed or plain; you can expect exactly the colors you want at their brightest and boldest.

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Best Models

HP12A Toner Cartridge

This popular HP cartridge is meant for the latest HP LASERJET printer series and is ideal for delivering a lower cost per print. The cartridge is ideal because of its simple style and ease for loading into the printer, and prints are said to be crisp, clear, and of excellent quality every time.

HP 21 C9351 Inkjet Cartridge

The HP 21 is one of the most commonly used cartridges. This model works well with a variety of HP printers, including the HP Deskjet Series, the Officejet, and the Photosmart series. Similar to the toner cartridge, this model is easy to install into printers and comes out with crisp, bright images that are ideal for all kinds of projects.

HP 36A (CB436A) Compatible Toner Cartridge

Another one of the most purchased cartridges for HP, the HP 36A model is compatible with a wide variety of printers, and it prints approximately 2,000 at 5% coverage. This cartridge has an easy-to-install design and is designed to work best with the following printers: LaserJet M1522NF MFP, LaserJet P1505, LaserJet P1505N and the LaserJet M1522NF MFP.

HP #28 (C8728A) Compatible Ink Cartridge

For those consumers who aren’t sure which HP ink cartridge to purchase, going with a model like the HP 28 is a safe bet. This is one of the most compatible cartridges that HP offers, and it’s able to work with over 57 different printers from the line. Projects that need long-lasting color will fare well with this cartridge option, especially because of its advanced inkjet print cartridge technology.

HP #56 (C6656 (56)) Compatible Ink Cartridge

While only available in black ink, this HP ink cartridge is a very popular option that is compatible with 54 different printer models. Some of the printers that will work with the HP #56 include the HP Officejet, the Deskjet, and the Photosmart series.


As one of the best manufacturers of inkjet cartridges, HP is a great company to rely on for all of your printer and printer accessory needs. Consider the information provided to get a better understanding of the benefits of working with these cartridges and which models might be the best option for your printing needs.