5 Tips for Saving the Most on Your Ink Cartridges

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It can feel very good to finally get a detailed project done for work or to finally be printing out that 10-page essay for school. Unfortunately, that accomplished feeling can quickly be depleted as soon as you realize it’s time to print out all that work.

While printers are a fairly large investment in the beginning, it is the ink cartridges that can get you in the long run. It’s been estimated that for some of the cheapest ink you’ll be paying around $13 per ounce, while some of the more expensive options can go for up to $75 per ounce.

If you can choose your ink and don’t mind lower quality, then you might be able to get away with saving a bundle. However, projects that require the best of the best will certainly take a toll over time, especially if you’re printing fairly often.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your cartridge spending, you’re not alone. The following are 5 tips for saving the most on your ink jet cartridges:

1. Online Shopping

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If you have the diligence to order your ink cartridges ahead of time, then it might be useful to shop from a high-volume cartridge supplier with a lot of high-quality cartridges for lower prices. These suppliers offer all of the best brands, such as HP, Canon, Epson, and more, and they’re guaranteed to offer the lowest prices with the largest selection. If you know you’re going to be running out in the next few weeks, check out some of these suppliers to buy in bulk and get a better bang for your buck.

2. Change Your Font

This might seem like a simple idea, but it really can make your spending more attainable. Many fonts require less ink, and using a smaller font can save on your paper use as well. It has been reported that saving on ink consumption can be done by avoiding the use of fonts such as Ariel and Century Gothic, while adopting the use of fonts such as Times New Roman and Calibri can help to reduce your ink use.

If you’re okay with investing a little into an ideal font, consider purchasing a lifetime use of a font called “Ecofont,” which starts at $19.99. It uses the least amount of ink necessary while still being legible and saving you a lot on your ink consumption.

3. Avoid Using Color


If you don’t absolutely need color for your projects, then it’s a good idea to skip out and go with black and white. Try to delete any unnecessary logos and images that you don’t need, and change your printer options to grayscale so you don’t have to keep remembering in the future.

4. Change Printers

If you notice a significant amount of spending on your ink jet cartridges, then you might consider updating your entire system. A lot of older printers use more ink, while newer models have a lower cost-per-page printer design that can save you a lot.

If you choose to invest in a new printer, be sure to note that laser printers are the best for text printing, while inkjet printers are better suited to images and graphics. It’s also good to know that laser printers are generally better with the price per page, although inkjets are quickly catching up.

With a laser printer, you can expect to pay somewhere around $0.02/page; however, if you need an inkjet and don’t mind paying a pretty penny up front, then a high-quality inkjet printer can print you a page for as low as $0.017.

5. Printer-Friendly and Draft Mode

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When it comes to using less ink, your computer is your friend. Some websites offer the option to print a printer-friendly version of their pages, which will take out all of the ads, cookies, and other images that are unnecessary to the main story or text.

If you don’t have these options with the pages you want, choose an option like “Print Friendly” from your printer options. This will give you the option to re-format the pages you’re printing, including removing unnecessary text and images.

Printing something simple like a joke or recipe? You likely won’t mind if the quality is lower. Save on your ink by selecting “Draft Mode” from your printer options. This will help to use less ink on your file and will also print much faster.


If you’ve noticed that you’re spending more than you’d like on your ink jet cartridges, then consider the suggestions listed above. These are some of the very simple ways to save on ink, with a few options that don’t cost anything extra.