Product Spotlight: Canon Pixma MP210 Ink

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Trying to figure out what kind of printer and ink are best for your printing needs can be tricky. There are all kinds of products available, with a wide range of capabilities, prices, and specs, so it’s not always a walk in the park when you’re deciding on the best product or brand.

It’s very important to do your research on printers and ink options ahead of time so that you aren’t stuck with printed pages that lack the quality, clarity, or color you’re going for. This is especially important if you have printing needs for work, presentations, and other media that need to look crisp and clear every time.

To give you some insight into some specific products, consider the following information about the Canon Pixma MP210 and the Canon Pixma MP210 Ink. This is a popular inkjet printer and ink option that may be able to give you a better idea about whether an inkjet printer and ink cartridges are right for your printing needs.

Canon Pixma MP210 Printer

Canon color and black ink cartridges for Pixma inkjet printerAs mentioned, the Canon Pixma MP210 printer is an inkjet printer. You’ll notice when browsing printers that there are two fairly common printer options available: inkjet printers and laser printers.

It’s important to know that there are very clear differences between the two types, and you’ll want to know what kind of projects you’ll be printing more often before you know which style to get.

If you’re planning on printing a lot of image-heavy projects, then an inkjet printer is ideal for you. Laser printers perform better when printing heavy text documents, and images tend to be blurrier. For crisp, clear images, an inkjet printer is ideal.

Other pros of an inkjet printer like the Canon Pixma include its fast startup time, its ability to print on all different types of paper, and its start-up costs are less expensive.  Keep in mind, however, that price should not be the only factor you consider. If you are looking for a printer that prints quality text and can print in high volumes, then it’s a much better idea to invest in a laser printer then to work with the lower-quality prints of an inkjet.

The Canon Pixma MP201 printer can hold one black cartridge and one color cartridge, with a maximum printing resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (mono) and 4800 x 1200 dpi (color). The maximum printing speed for black and white is 22 pages per minute, and the maximum printing speed for color is 17 pages per minute.

Canon Pixma MP210 Ink

Ink display at a local retail location

Inkjet printer ink cartridges all perform the same basic job; however, a few things may differ in terms of their performance, shape, and longevity. When it comes to the Canon Pixma MP210 ink, users can expect the ink to have a shelf life of approximately two years, with a page yield of approximately 329 pages.  This is assuming the user is only using about 5% of each page and that the cartridge is either brand new or remanufactured.

A remanufactured option for this ink costs anywhere from $15-$20 online, which equates to approximately 4.6 cents per page of printing. A brand-new ink purchase will cost a significantly higher price, ranging anywhere from $30-$40 per cartridge. For those who are unsure about using cartridges that have been previously used, is it important to note that the remanufactured options have equal performance levels and reusing existing cartridges can be much more beneficial to the environment.

The Canon Pixma Ink comes in both black and color cartridge options, and there is a variety of similar cartridges that can also be used with the Canon printer in case the Canon Pixma ink cannot be found.

Products similar to this ink cartridge include the Canon Pixma iP1800 Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges, as well as the Canon Pixma ip1600/MP150/MP460 original black inkjet cartridge. Many of the Canon ink cartridges will fit into the Canon Pixma printer, but it is important to check that you read the labels and ensure the quality is what you’re looking for.


Canon’s printing brand has been around since 1934, so consumers can be confident in the brand they’re investing in when it comes to their printers and ink cartridges. If you know you need an inkjet printer for your printing projects, consider the Canon Pixma MP210, as well as the Canon Pixma MP210 ink. If you’re looking for quality and clarity in your printing, and you tend to print a lot of images, be sure to consider these products for your printing needs.