10 Marketing Color Schemes to Increase Customer Sales

marketing color schemes increase customer sales

It’s well-known that colors have a way of changing moods and energies in all kinds of environments. Some colors are able to evoke energy and creativity, while others are better known for creating a more relaxed, calm state of mind. It’s important when you’re choosing colors that you consider what kinds of emotions and attitudes each color tends to bring out in people before choosing a color scheme.

For example, if you’re choosing ideal paint colors for an office, you first will need to know what you want to accomplish in that room. Are you trying to remain relaxed or are you looking for inspiration and a go-getter attitude? These kinds of things will alter what shades are best for your rooms.

Regardless of whether you’re painting, redesigning your kitchen, or creating business brochures, color schemes need to be considered carefully. If your brand is known for a specific color, then you might be utilizing similar shades through all of your marketing to remain identifiable to existing clients. When it comes to marketing, the color scheme is one very important factor to consider, and it has the power to make or break successful campaigns and advertising.

To help you make a more educated decision about color choices, consider these 10 marketing color schemes to increase customer sales:

color scheme 1 blue


facebook logo on website

If you’re looking to build customer and existing client trust, then a blue color scheme might be the ideal color choice for you. Blue tends to evoke feelings of trust, as well as a feeling of reliability in a company. To be more specific, darker shades of blue are best for this kind of approach, like navy blues and nautical shades.

Some of the most popular brands in the world all use the basic color blue with their logos and in a lot of the marketing that they do. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all use a common blue shade for their logos, and all have become fairly reliable companies with long-standing success.

the color blue infographic

To have any of these logos change their coloring to a bright red or orange might make you feel completely different about the way you see the company; blue is a steadfast color that makes people feel like they can trust a business.

As a result, a blue color scheme is a great choice if you’re looking to increase customer sales. Trust is one if not the most important aspect of gaining new clients, especially if you’re a new business that most people haven’t heard of before. If you want to increase sales, consider a darker blue shade to improve your success.

color scheme 2 green


two starbucks cups with green logo

Green is usually the second runner-up to blue when it comes to finding a color that can create a relaxing, peaceful environment. This comes as no surprise since green evokes feelings of the natural outdoor environment instead of a busy, chaotic office setting.

If you’re trying to increase sales, you might consider a green shade because of its ability to evoke a feeling of friendliness and a laid-back attitude. The darker you go with green, the more you will attract customers who are looking for businesses that are relaxed and less pushy. For brighter, more vibrant greens, you will be attracting sales from customers who are interested in a vibrant relationship and a higher energy level.

Take note that too much green can be a bad thing; be sure to mix in some other natural tones if you can, such as yellows, blues, and browns. Adding white is also a great mix along with vibrant greens, as it continues on with the vibrant theme.

color scheme 3 orange


reeses peanut butter cup packages

If your business is looking to increase sales with clients who are high energy, upbeat individuals, then orange could be the perfect option. Shades of orange are eye-catching and cool and often make customers feel like they’re working with a company that is on the cutting-edge of technology.

There are lots of gyms that use shades of orange and red in their color schemes, and these colors often give people the feeling of being upbeat, energized, and powerful. This kind of color scheme will certainly turn heads with your marketing, so it will be important that your business is a go-getter type of business, as well, to match that energy.

If you’re not sure about the bright orange, more pastel oranges and peaches will do well in dining establishments and health care. Because orange is a hard color to mix with others, white is usually the ideal partner, making it great for healthcare facilities, spas, and salons as well.

If you’re going with a lot of orange in your marketing, you’ll want to be sure that you have the best of the best when it comes to printers and ink jet cartridges for advertising effectively. Having a printer that allows for vibrant oranges will be important to effective advertising that doesn’t look like poor quality printing.

Especially with such vibrant colors like orange, any sort of fading or dull coloring will be very easy to see and will make your marketing look poorly made. Increase your sales by ensuring that you have quality ink and printers for the job every single time. Consider the best printers for color dye inkjet labels for businesses to get a better idea of some of the better options out there.

color scheme 4 red


red and blue sports logo

If you want to create a sense of power or aggressiveness with your marketing, then shades of red are an ideal color scheme for your marketing approach. Red coloring is used in a lot of marketing tactics because it emulates a symbol of power and poise, and can raise viewers’ anxiety levels and heart rate.

While this probably isn’t going to be the goal of your marketing, it simply shows that red is easily the most powerful of the colors and generally helps a company to take charge right off the bat. This color scheme is ideal for companies that want to be taken seriously, and that have a lot of competitors in their market.

Red is bold and memorable but, similar to orange marketing colors, you’ll need to be sure that you have a strong printer and ink cartridges to really make the color stand out in all of your projects.

color scheme 5 purple


yahoo logo on smartphone

If you’re trying to increase customer sales with goods or services that are high-quality or top-of-the-line brands, then considering a purple color scheme might be best for your needs. Purple is usually connected to signs of royalty, and including it in your marketing will generally attract those who are very creative and who are looking for a touch of elegance.

To add extra coloring to your purple marketing, try blending shades of blues and reds to evoke a lot of passion and creativity with your brand. This color scheme is often associated with sunsets and vibrancy, so you’ll definitely be able to make your brand pop by warming up the purple with red hues.

If you’re going for a softer purple like a pastel or lavender, expect to have a bit of a different response. Lavender is a calming color that evokes relaxation and nostalgia, and you’ll often see it in marketing for spas or getaways. Going bolder will take you away from that kind of marketing and back into a more creative area.

color scheme 6 black


great lakes brewing co. logo

Black is a very flexible color to use in your marketing and, when it’s used properly, it can be highly effective for increasing customer sales. Depending on what you’re selling, the color black can be a main focal color to exhibit power and sophistication, or it can be an accent color that offers a very classic look.

Black is very versatile, in that it looks good with most colors, but it can be incredibly dramatic if mixed with a simple white color scheme. Black and white marketing schemes don’t need much to stand out in a crowd and, in a sea of brightly colored advertisements, a black and white ad will usually stand out the best.

If you’re selling something high-end or expensive, then black might be the perfect color scheme for you to consider. The color scheme generally allows the product to speak for itself, but the coloring is still eye-catching and will likely turn heads with the right font and simplicity.

color scheme 7 brown


brown ups delivery truck door

Brown has become a fairly popular color for marketing these days as more and more companies are trying to embrace a more natural approach to their production and products. The brown coloring used in marketing offers a more down-to-earth approach, allowing customers to feel more relaxed, and it embodies a symbol of sustainability and durability.

While some customers may see brown as more of a representation of something dirty, dark brown hues are more likely to be successful with marketing, and they look very powerful when mixed with bright whites or metallic colors.

If you’re trying to increase your sales with marketing, consider brown color schemes if you have products that speak to environmentally friendly customers or those who are looking for more natural products.

color scheme 8 gold


gold chevy emblem on grill

Similar to purple, gold color schemes in marketing have the ability to make products look more prestigious, classy, and elegant. Gold is usually used to represent a higher-end product that not all customers can attain, so this kind of color generally attracts those who are looking for products that are not for everyday customers.

To make gold marketing really pop, consider adding in purple hues for a color scheme that symbolizes wealth and high status. Even though purple can evoke feelings of royalty on its own, there is no comparison when it comes to using gold. If you’re looking to increase customer sales, use gold to highlight special packages and services that will make customers feel like they’re getting the special treatment.

color scheme 9 pink


pink barbie logo sign

Undoubtedly the most feminine of the color schemes, pink is almost always your best bet if you are trying to increase customer sales for a younger, female demographic. Companies that embrace a lot of pink marketing include lingerie stores, kids clothing, jewelry stores, etc.

Hot pink is the best bet if you’re attempting to increase sales with very young demographics, as this coloring evokes fun, youthfulness, and energy. The lighter you go with pinks, the more mature they become—but keep in mind that any kind of advertising with pink will almost immediately turn away male customers.

If you’re set on using a pink shade for your marketing, be sure to use it in combination with lots of other colors if you’re appealing to both genders. A rainbow of colors including pink will feel more accepting and fun than if you were to only use two or three colors.

color scheme 10 yellow


yellow box of cheerios cereal

Probably one of the toughest colors to market with, yellow marketing certainly commands attention, but it can get lost in the mix of other bright colors available. Yellow is generally associated with the sun, positive vibes, and a happy approach, so yellow is a great color to use in combination with others if that’s what your products are about.

It’s best to use yellow in moderation—perhaps in small details, borders, or lettering, as opposed to full pages of yellow. Darker hues of yellow tend to be a little bit drab, but brighter hues are upbeat and vibrant, so they’re better for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

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Before you start printing out your marketing, be sure that you have chosen the best color scheme for your goods and services. Do the colors match your current branding? Will your customers recognize your business? What kind of response do you want to get from your color choices?

Being able to recognize how you want your marketing to affect customers will help you to choose colors that are ideal for your business. If you go for vibrant coloring, be sure that you have quality printers, inks, and paper that will make the colors look their best. If you don’t have the means for printing high-quality marketing pieces, then consider outsourcing your printing needs so you know you’re getting the material that will bring you success.