Should I Buy my Toner and Inkjet Cartridges in Bulk?

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Buying in bulk is a great concept for many reasons–it helps to keep your supplies high, it can serve a lot of people and, most times, it helps you save on cash. When it comes to toner and inkjet cartridges, buying in bulk is sometimes a necessary purchase in order to meet the printing demands of your business or task.

Not everyone thinks about the option to buy cartridges in bulk; however, those who do experience some benefits that just aren’t possible when you continuously buy individual packages from the store. For anyone who is asking themselves, “Should I buy my toner and inkjet cartridges in bulk?” The following are some the situations where buying these items in large quantities would be beneficial to your cause.

Buying Inkjet Cartridges in Bulk

To Save Money

bulk discount vintage turquoise sealIf you’re trying to find ways to save money, then buying in bulk is always one option that you have. Buying toner and inkjet cartridges in bulk is a great way to cut down on your office supply expenses, since doing so actually saves you a lot more money in the long run.

Buying individual cartridges can really add up over time; when it comes to bulk-buying, the more items you buy in one go, the more you’re saving. If you’re ordering toner and inkjet cartridges in bulk online, then you can also save money on shipping costs by making one lump purchase. In some cases, spending a certain amount of money will actually remove any shipping charges as well, helping you to save even more.

To Meet Demand

There are lots of companies that do a lot of printing in a single business day; businesses with large staff numbers and a lot of paperwork are familiar with the advantage of buying things like paper and inkjet cartridges in bulk.

It can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention expensive, to continuously go out and purchase new cartridges every day. Buying in bulk has the advantage of keeping things running smoothly for a much longer period of time, without the pricey individual costs. If you need to meet the demand of a high-print business, then buying these office supplies in bulk is a great idea.

To Help the Environment

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As consumers become more aware of their carbon footprints, they continue to look for ways to cut back on the amount of waste they make. Not only are they looking to themselves to be better, but they’re usually looking to their favorite brands and companies to do the same.

Companies are going green in response to the consumer focus on being environmentally-friendly and adopting new ways to make, package and supply products. If you’re a business that is looking for easy ways to leave a smaller mark, then buying in bulk is one thing you can do.

When you buy individual toner or inkjet cartridges, you’ll notice how impressively they’re packaged. It often takes a lot of wrapping and boxing to protect each item, which only adds to the existing, overstuffed landfills. When you buy in bulk, you’re removing the need to over-wrap each of your items; instead, buying a group of 10 or 20 cartridges means putting them all into one single box and wrapping that instead.

Buying in bulk cuts down on packaging needs, so it’s a very simple yet effective way to embrace a greener packaging process.

Buying Individual Cartridges

Buying toner and ink in bulk is not ideal for everyone. For those people who only complete a few printing projects a week, it’s often best to buy individually. For those individuals or groups who buy too much, the cartridges often go to waste.

Ink that sits in a printer for too long without being used can actually dry up and clog the nozzles, stopping any more ink from coming out. Those cartridges that sit on the shelf for too long without being used will also dry up eventually, with the shelf life of a cartridge only lasting about 18 months.

If you only require printing every couple of days or you only use it for small projects, then bulk might not be the best route. You may end up being more wasteful then if you would only buy a handful of cartridges for your specific needs.


There are benefits both to buying in bulk, and to buying your printer supplies individually. The advantage comes from the type of work that you’ll be doing, and how much toner or inkjet cartridges you really need to get the work done. If there is a high demand for printing, you might consider buying toner and inkjet cartridges in bulk to save on time, money and unnecessary packaging.