Product Spotlight: HP Printer Ink

HP ink display

Hewlett Packard, now known simply as HP, has been around since 1939. For nearly eight decades, the company has been pioneering printers and printing supplies. HP printers are some of the best currently on the market, and the company offers solutions on both the consumer and commercial levels.

A printer is nothing without ink, and HP printer ink is some of the best available. It’s ideal for everything from printing basic documents in black and white to creating stunning full-color photographs, and it’s more affordable than other leading brands. At Ink Jet, HP is one of our best-selling brands, and for good reason. What makes HP printer ink so great? Keep reading to find out!

About HP Printer Cartridges

HP printer cartridges are designed to work inside HP printers. Each printer uses a specific cartridge model. The model you need depends on the model of your printer. You can find this information in your user manual. If you do not have your manual, you may also be able to determine the model by examining your device.

The company manufactures both inkjet and laser printers and offers replacement inkjet and toner cartridges that are specially designed to provide the optimal print quality. For residential purposes, inkjet printers are the most common. Inkjet is also the best option for printing photos and documents with a lot of images. Laser printers are more commonly used in business settings and are more suitable for grayscale documents.

Benefits of HP Ink

hand holding packages HP printer inkIf you have an HP printer, there are several benefits of using HP ink. While remanufactured cartridges and refill kits are available, you can expect the best results by sticking with original HP equipment. HP is an innovator in the printer industry, and you can always rely on the company to provide the best quality printers and accessories. Here are just a few of the many benefits of sticking with original HP ink rather than purchasing remanufactured cartridges or generics.


At Ink Jet, we do our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible to provide exceptional value to our customers. We know, though, that ink just isn’t cheap. HP understands that many people can’t afford to spend a fortune on ink, and they strive to price their products as reasonably as possible. Name-brand ink from HP costs less than ink from many other leading brands, and the average HP user spends just $75 annually on ink.

High Capacity

If you do a lot of printing and don’t want to have to replace your cartridges constantly, HP offers high-yield cartridges that allow you to go longer in between replacements. The standard HP 902 cartridge, for example, has a print yield of 300 pages, while the high-yield HP 902XL cartridges yield approximately 825. While the high-yield version has more than double the ink, it costs significantly less than double the cost of a standard cartridge.

Compared to remanufactured refills, original HP ink cartridges reportedly have twice the printing power. While the remanufactured ones may be cheaper to buy, you could end up spending more, due to needing to replace them more frequently.

Amazing Print Quality

HP show booth thailandWe can’t talk about HP ink without mentioning the print quality. While HP inks and printers are on the more affordable end of the price spectrum, they produce results that rival those of higher- priced products. HP inks are specially formulated to print rich, vibrant, and crisp photos and documents that are resistant to smearing.

With HP, you can always expect results that you are proud to show off. Whether you are printing a book report for a homework assignment, photos from your latest vacation, or just about anything else, you can always count on HP for professional quality.


HP printers are consistent, and they feature ink monitoring to let you know exactly when you need to order more ink. The company’s Instant Ink program is another convenient option that allows you to have the ink you need delivered to your home or office automatically. When you enroll, you pay a flat monthly fee for a set number of pages, and you will be sent more ink before you run out. This program completely eliminates those last-minute supply runs. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Choosing HP Ink for Your Printing Needs

Whether you already have an HP printer or you are thinking about buying one, sticking with HP inkjet cartridges is always your best bet. Original HP ink offers exceptional quality and allows you to create high-quality prints without breaking the bank.