Benefits of Buying Printer Ink in Bulk

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If you have an inkjet printer, you are going to need to buy inkjet cartridges. Whether you are a home user and only print out a few pages per week or you use the printer in your office to print hundreds of pages per day for your business, there is just no getting around the need to buy replacement ink cartridges. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, and they tend to run out at the most inconvenient times imaginable.

When you are looking for a way to cut down on your costs and avoid the inconvenience of an empty ink cartridge, buying printer ink in bulk is a viable solution. Let’s look a little bit closer at the benefits of buying printer ink in bulk as well as the drawbacks.

PRO: Buying in Bulk Can Save You Money

When you buy just about anything in bulk, you are usually able to save a bit of money. This applies to ink cartridges. Buying in large quantities rather than purchasing just one or two at a time typically means spending less per cartridge. The savings may not be huge if you purchase in smaller bulk quantities, but the more you buy, the more you will save.

Buying in bulk also means needing to place fewer orders or visit the office supply store less frequently. It tends to cost significantly less to pay to have several shipped all at once than it costs to pay for shipping on several small orders. Depending on how many you order, you may even qualify for free shipping. When you buy in bulk, you won’t find yourself constantly spending money on gas to go to the store to buy more ink.

PRO: Avoid Running Out at an Inopportune Time

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Whether you are running a business or your child is using your printer for their homework, running out of ink at an inopportune time is the worst. It’s something that most all of us have experienced at least once and would like to never have to experience again. Buying your ink in bulk instead of purchasing cartridges as you need them means that you will always have a spare on the shelf and ready to go when you get that dreaded “low ink” warning.

If you live close to an office supply store, running out of ink may seem like little more than a minor inconvenience. What happens, though, when your normal store is out of stock when you are working on a last-minute project? You could end up wasting an entire day running all over town trying to find what you need or find yourself having to wait several days for a replacement to arrive in the mail. Save yourself the hassle by buying in bulk and always having at least one spare cartridge.

CON: Expiration Dates

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If you have ever looked closely at one of your ink cartridges or its packaging, you may have noticed an expiration date. Since ink is, obviously, not something that you eat or drink, that date may not seem particularly important. After all, what could possibly go wrong if your ink expires?

Once an ink cartridge reaches its expiration date, the manufacturer no longer guarantees the product. If you choose to use it, it may work just fine. Or it might result in poor quality output. It could even damage your printer.

When you buy in bulk, you need to be mindful of expiration dates. For businesses and individuals who go through a lot of ink, this may not be a huge concern, but if you are someone who only needs to change out an ink cartridge every few months, you may find that cartridges purchased in bulk reach their expiration date before you have a chance to use them.


Whether you use your printer daily or infrequently, you will eventually need to replace the cartridges. Buying them in bulk offers a degree of convenience and can save you money. If you purchase more than you can use up within a year or so, though, you run the risk of having them expire.

Printer ink cartridges are not cheap. At Ink Jet Super Store, we understand, and we do our best to help our customers save money on the printer ink cartridges they need. Browse our selection today and, if you have any questions about getting the best deal on the ink you need for your printer, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help!