Tips on Picking the Perfect Printer for Your Office

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Whether you are the owner of a small business or you have been designated as the person in charge of buying a new printer for the office, finding the right one is important. You likely have a budget in mind, and you want to get the best model for your money. You also need to be sure that the printer you purchase performs the functions you need and delivers quality that meets your expectations.

There are a lot of printers out there and finding the one that is just right isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips on picking the perfect printer for your office.

Choose Between Ink and Toner

Determining whether your office needs an inkjet printer or a laser printer is the first step. Many offices use laser printers because they deliver exceptional quality for text-based documents. While they cost a bit more upfront, toner cartridges have higher page yields than inkjet cartridges. If your office primarily prints in grayscale, using a laser printer will result in a lower cost per page.

Laser printers are fast. If you need to print several pages at a time, using a laser printer will enable you to get the job done a lot quicker. A black and white laser printer can print out 12 to 25 pages per minute.

If you will be printing photographs or documents with vibrant colors, you need an inkjet printer. While color laser printers are available, they do not deliver the same level of quality as modern inkjet printers. With a quality inkjet printer, you can print presentations, flyers, marketing materials, and more with quality that you will be proud to show off.

Through inkjet printers cost less upfront, keep in mind that they tend to cost users more over their lifetime than laser printers due to the higher cost of ink. Inkjet cartridges yield fewer pages than toner cartridges. Needing to replace them frequently drives up the cost of ownership. If you are looking for the best inkjet printer that offers the perfect combination of quality and affordability, HP is a good choice.

Think About Paper Sizes and Trays

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If your office only prints on standard letter-sized paper, you don’t need to give too much consideration to paper sizes and trays. If, however, you routinely deviate from the standard, it is important to make sure that the printer you purchase will meet your needs. Most printers have adjustable feeds that allow you to print smaller things—like envelopes—but if you plan to print various sizes regularly, you may want to choose a printer that has a second paper tray that accommodates your needs.

While just about every printer will accommodate smaller paper, most don’t accept larger pieces. If you routinely print large-format documents, you will need to find a printer that is large enough to meet your needs. Because the demand for large-format printing is minimal, you should expect to pay significantly more for a machine that is capable of printing at sizes of A3 or larger. For businesses that only need to print in larger formats on rare occasions, it is usually more affordable to work with a local print shop.

Decide if You Need a Multifunctional or a Dedicated Device

woman start document scanning by office printer

Do you need a printer exclusively or do you need a device that is also capable of scanning and sending faxes? If you don’t need your device to do anything other than print, a dedicated printer is the way to go. They are more affordable and often faster at printing, and they tend to be easier to use.

A multifunctional device is the way to go when your office needs to print, scan, copy, and fax. These devices have all those features built in, and they cost less than purchasing each machine separately. Even if you do not need to use every feature every day, they will come in handy on the occasions when you do need them.

In Conclusion

When you are shopping for a new printer for your office, there are countless options to choose from. There are both inkjet and laser printers that are appropriate for office use and, whether you are looking for one for your home office or for a corporate office, options exist to suit any need.

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