The Benefits of Using Okidata Toner & Printer Ribbons

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Okidata is a well-known brand in the business world. It is an industry leader that provides a wide range of products that are suitable for continuous business printing. Business owners can choose from a traditional dot matrix machine or upgrade to a more modern monochrome multifunction device. All of this respected brand’s award-winning devices are designed to print quickly at a reasonable price per page. For this reason, Okidata is an industry leader when it comes to office printers.

If you have an Okidata or are responsible for buying replacement toner and printer ribbons for one, you may have wondered whether you should use OEM cartridges or switch to compatible or remanufactured ones. While all of the remanufactured and compatible cartridges sold by Ink Jet Super Store are of the finest quality and guaranteed to work, there are certain benefits of using Okidata toner and printer ribbons. Let’s take a closer look at some of the perks.

Improved Print Quality

Genuine Okidata toner cartridges and printer ribbons are developed by the same people who design the printers in which they are used. They are manufactured using specially formulated toner that guarantees optimal performance when used in the appropriate devices.

Some compatible and remanufactured cartridges use generic toner powder that can result in poor image quality. Sometimes, the toner peels off the paper or has spotty adherence. It may also cause a “dirty background” because it is not distributed evenly. The toner can harden inside the drum, and it can even result in excessive wear and tear on the printer’s moving parts.

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Testing also revealed that image quality is often better with genuine Okidata toner, too. OEM cartridges provide the best halftones, as well as the best text reproduction. In other words, when quality counts, genuine Okidata toner and printer ribbon is the way to go.

Increased Page Yields

Offices choose Okidata printers over other brands because they offer exceptional value. It costs very little to print each page, so business owners are able to print hundreds—even thousands—of pages per day without spending a fortune. If you use remanufactured or compatible replacement cartridges, though, you could end up losing some of that value.

In one test conducted by Buyers Laboratory, Inc., genuine Okidata cartridges had a yield of 5,000 pages in color and 6,000 pages in grayscale. In comparison, compatible toner had a yield of 4,250 pages in color and only 3,222 pages in grayscale. Two remanufactured toners achieved page yields of 4,025 and 4,859 pages in color and 4,902 and 6,043 pages in grayscale, respectively.

While one of the remanufactured toners exceeded the page yield of the OEM cartridge in grayscale, the rest of the numbers paint an entirely different picture. The compatible cartridge, for example, yielded just over half as many as the OEM. While remanufactured and compatible toner and printer ribbons can save you money upfront, you run the risk of drastically lowering page yields and spending more in the long run.

Okidata Toner & Printer Ribbons from Ink Jet Super Store

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At Ink Jet Super Store, we carry Okidata toner cartridges and printer ribbons that are compatible with a wide range of devices. We have several OEM cartridges, as well as remanufactured and compatible options that can help you save money on the office supplies you need.

Okidata recommends that their customers stick with OEM replacement products for the reasons outlined above. If your office is trying to cut down on expenses, though, it is important to note that not all compatible and remanufactured cartridges are created equally. While some are made using inferior materials and fail to deliver the results that customers demand, Ink Jet Super Store only sells only high-quality replacement products.

At Ink Jet Super Store, we stand behind the products we sell. We guarantee that our cartridges will deliver the quality you expect and, if you have a problem, we will do everything in our power to make it right. Compatible and remanufactured items can be returned for up to one year from the date of purchase. To learn more about our return policy and all applicable terms and conditions, please visit our “Returns and Refunds” section.

Whether you own your own business or you are just responsible for purchasing office supplies for your company, we have the products you need. Browse our selection today!