10 Fun Easter Crafts You Can Print


Spring has sprung, and Easter is right around the corner. Whether you have little kids who still believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny or your family is mostly made up of older members, this springtime holiday provides the perfect opportunity to stock up on printer ink, dig out your craft supplies and start making cute decorations, gifts for loved ones, gallery-worthy artwork, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

For kids, teens, and even the young-at-heart, there are plenty of projects that require little more to get started than an inkjet printer, a fresh ink cartridge, and some paper. Most of the printable Easter projects on this list are suitable for kids over the age of six, but some may require a bit of help from a grownup or an older child. Keep reading to discover several fun Easter crafts you can print!


Coloring is one of those activities perfect for all ages. For kids, it’s something they can do without being under constant supervision. And, for adults and teens, it’s a great way to relax and de-stress. There are tons of Easter-inspired coloring pages on the web. Here are a few of them:

1. Crayola Easter Coloring Pages

From bunnies and baskets the flowers and eggs, Crayola has all sorts of Easter coloring pages.

grandmother decorating eggs with grandchild

2. Free-N-Fun Easter

Free-N-Fun from Oriental Trading is another great place to find holiday coloring sheets. At Free-N-Fun Easter, you can download a wide range of religious and non-religious coloring sheets that are sure to please.

3. Coloring.ws from DLTK’s

At Coloring.ws from DLTK’s, you can find a huge selection of printable coloring pages for spring and Easter. Choose from bunnies, chicks, ducklings, lambs, eggs, or several other designs. This website also has several seasonal craft projects that are worth checking out.


If you are looking for a project that’s appropriate for small children but is a bit more exciting than coloring, there are several options to choose from.

4. Animal Masks

One fun project is a printable bunny or chick mask. Print out your child’s favorite, then allow him or her to color it. Once the masterpiece is finished, help them cut it out and attach a piece of elastic so it can be worn as a mask. Easy peasy!


5. Easter Egg Clothespin Puppets

Clothespin puppets are easy to make and have a hidden surprise that little ones will love. This project only requires a few basic supplies that you probably have lying around the house, too, so it’s a great last-minute time killer. Grab wooden clothespins, glue, scissors, coloring supplies (optional), and paper, and you’re good to go!

Start by printing out the free templates, which can be found here and here. Your child can decide whether he or she wants to use the full-color versions or color their own. If they want to color their own, have them do their coloring before cutting out the shapes.

When everything is all colorful and ready to go, help your little one neatly cut out each shape. When you cut out the eggs, be sure to cut along the zigzag drawn across the middle of each one. Next, stick an animal to the back of the bottom of an eggshell using glue or tape. Align the top and bottom shells and set aside. Add a drop of glue or a small piece of tape to the closed ends of a wooden clothespin. Adhere the egg so that the top is glued to one side of the clothespin and the bottom is glued to the other. Let dry.

When finished, your child will be able to squeeze the clothespin to “open” the egg and see the character inside.

6. Easter Egg Garland

If your little one loves helping you decorate, making an Easter egg garland is a great way to let them lend a hand. It’s an easy enough project for kids of all ages, and it’s quick enough for even those with the shortest of attention spans.

paper egg cutouts on clothes pins

For this simple project, all you need is printer ink, white cardstock, crayons, scissors, a hole punch, string, and crayons, colored pencils, or markers. You’ll also need a printable Easter egg template. Coloring pages work well, and this site offers several options to choose from.

Print enough eggs to make a garland out on cardstock. If you download a PDF from the link above, the small or medium eggs work best. Let your little one color each egg as he or she sees fit. If you’re feeling extra creative, get out some glue and glitter to make the eggs even fancier.

Once the eggs have been colored and, if necessary, allowed to dry, they need to be cut out. The shape is pretty easy for many younger kids to handle, but you may want to lend a hand to ensure safety. Next, punch a hole near the top of each egg. Cut a length of string for your banner, then help your child thread it through the holes in each egg. Spread the Easter eggs out, spacing them as evenly as possible. Just like that, you now have a one-of-a-kind garland that’s ready to be displayed anywhere in your home.

7. Footprint Bunny Cards

printable-footprint-bunny-cardIf you have an infant, toddler, or preschooler, this printable footprint bunny card is adorable beyond words. All you need is the template (which can be found at the link above), white cardstock, white pom-poms, glue, and non-toxic paint or an inkless handprint and footprint kit.

Print out the template on cardstock. There are two options to choose from. The foldable one works well for newborns and infants, but the full-page one is better for toddlers and preschoolers. Next, add their footprint either directly to the card or to a separate sheet of paper that you will glue to the card. The toes should be facing downward. Use their fingers to add two “ears” to the heel.

Finally, add a drop of glue to a white pom-pom and use it to give the bunny a fluffy “tail.”

Whether you do this project to make a keepsake for yourself or you make cards to send off to family members, the sweet little footprint bunny is sure to be a hit.


There’s no reason why older kids shouldn’t get in on the fun, too! Even if they are past the age of believing in the Easter Bunny, this time of year is great for working on crafts together as a family. You may even find that your tween or tween really enjoys working with their younger siblings on some of these slightly more challenging projects.

8. Stained “Glass” Easter Egg Suncatchers

Brighten up your home by making stained “glass” Easter egg suncatchers with your kids. This craft is easy, but the end result is absolutely stunning. The necessary materials include Easter egg coloring sheets, black glue (more on how to make that in a minute!), clear plastic, scissors, and clear plastic. For the plastic, you can use just about anything. An old container, empty laminating pouch, page protector, or plastic folder all work well.

Black glue is made by simply mixing white glue and black acrylic paint. An approximate 1:1 ratio works well. If you have a bottle of glue that’s roughly half full, fill it back up with black paint and shake well. You can also mix it up in a separate container and pour back into the glue bottle or another squeeze bottle with a small tip.

Print out a few Easter egg coloring sheets to use as templates and place them under the plastic. Tape them in place to keep them from moving around. Trace over the outline using the black glue, then let dry. Once completely dry, color in the eggs using permanent markers. Cut each egg out, then hang in a sunny window using double-sided tape. They may be plastic, but they look quite stunning in the light!

9. Easter Silhouettes

Easter silhouettes are fun to make, and they can be hung up as decorations or used to create handcrafted cards. They aren’t difficult, but they’re better for older kids because they require a lot of cutting. It is a great project for kids of different ages to work together on, though, as long as the older kids don’t mind helping out the little ones.

easter bunny silhouette cutouts hanging

For this project, you need a printer and ink, white paper, paper in several other colors (pastels work great for Easter, but you can use any colors you like), scissors or a craft knife, and glue. For your white paper, heavier is better. Cardstock is the best option, but it is not required. You’ll also need a template, which can be found here.

Print out the templates, then carefully cut them out. Be careful not to damage the surrounding paper since it’s what you will actually be using for the project! If you use the bunny template, save the tail. Next, cut your colored paper into strips. You can cut it into neat strips using scissors or a craft knife or tear it for a more random look. You can also use decorative scissors in various shapes to create unique edges. The choice is yours!

Arrange the strips neatly on a piece of white paper, and glue in place. The order doesn’t matter. Create a uniform pattern or place them randomly to come up with the look that you like best. Once you’ve covered the entire white sheet in strips of colored paper, apply glue to one side of the paper with the silhouette. Carefully line it up with the other sheet and glue in place.

If you used the egg silhouette, you’re finished. If you used the bunny silhouette, put a bit of glue on the cut-out tail and stick in place. As an alternative, you could give your bunny a fluffy cotton ball or pom-pom tail. Using short pieces of colorful yarn instead of strips of paper is another way to put a fun twist on this project.

10. Easter Cootie Catchers

Easter fortune tellers—or “cootie catchers”—are a fun origami project that tweens and teens will enjoy. They’re super easy to make using supplies you probably already have lying around. You’ll need a printable template (found here), and printer, ink, paper, scissors, and glue.

cootie catcher paper cutouts

While this project isn’t difficult to make, you’ll want to check out the full tutorial on the Easy Peasy and Fun website. There’s even a video tutorial that will guide your child through the entire process. When finished, they can use these fun fortune tellers for all sorts of things. Plus, they are a great way to introduce the younger members of your family to the art of origami.


As Easter approaches, try some of the projects listed above with your family. Springtime is a perfect time for working on fun crafts that can be displayed throughout your home or given to friends and family members as gifts. Whether you have small children, tweens, or even teens, there are all sorts of projects that you can work on together as a family.

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