5 Benefits of Owning an Epson Printer

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Epson printers are designed to serve multi-purpose tasks in a variety of workspaces. Whether you’re searching for a new printer for your home office or work office, Epson printers are one of the most reliable and low-maintenance brands on the market. There are many benefits to choosing an Epson printer and Epson printer ink for your home or office.


Epson is a leader in advanced technology, and they have applied it to designing each of their printer models. The Workforce Pro model of the Epson printer series uses a high-density print chip Precision-Core that can generate up to 40 million ink dots with consistent accuracy. This feature allows for high-quality professional printing at very high speeds.

The Workforce Pro can be used in the home or a small office. The Micro-Piezo print head technology is designed with industrial use in mind and produces laser-quality results at very high speeds. This leadership in printing design places Epson in the position to assist you with your printing needs.

Here are five benefits of owning an Epson printer:

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1. Convenience

The convenience that comes with every model of an Epson printer is one of its most notable benefits. You can place it in the corner of the kitchen, or it can have its own stand next to your desk. With an Epson, you can also digitally store documents on the printer that you might need for a later date, and this allows you to work ahead on various projects while conserving paper and Epson printer ink.

2. Saves Power

In the budget-conscious businesses of today, we always consider the use of power as a major factor for overhead costs. Epson printers go into a low-power standby mode when they are not in use. Three-in-one Epson printers draw even less power in a traditional office environment since scanning, printing, and copying can all be completed with one machine. Saving power costs in your budget is an important benefit for your business’s bottom line.

3. Fewer Repairs

The increased reliability of the Epson means fewer repairs. Epson design minimizes the number of printer components by installing permanent printheads and using inkjet printing. This helps lower potential replacement parts costs.

In fact, there are only three pieces that might need to be replaced during the life of the printer: the ink cartridges, the maintenance box, and the paper pick-up rollers. Compared with the intricate moving parts of other printers, this is a benefit that many consumers who are frustrated with complex printer repairs will see as a welcome relief.

4. Wireless/Mobile Connectivity

An Epson Printer is an intelligent machine that is capable of interfacing with wireless and mobile features. Epson Printers support Epson iPrint, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print, which means that you are connected from your home or office to any place in the world. One of the benefits of this feature is that you can remotely print or save pictures and documents and print them when you arrive back home.

5. Lower Cost

Cost is one of the most attractive features of the Epson line of printers. The printing unit itself plus the necessary expense of Epson printer ink rank among the lowest costs of the many printers on the market, yet have the highest quality image rankings.

Epson ink cartridges are so technologically advanced that they print with higher amounts of dots-per-inch, making the task of printing high-quality photographs a non-issue. Whether you’re printing a presentation at work or making copies of digital photos for your home, the Epson printer ink will produce high caliber prints every time.

The sleek design, limited movable parts, and the options of using cartridge ink versus multi-high-yield ink can save you money. In addition, the Epson printers can reduce the cost of printing a page by almost 50%,  compared to many laser printers, and, with the Epson, you can get almost twice as many copies for the same cost. Epson ink cartridges also don’t need to be replaced as often as other brands. The amount of copies you can produce with an Epson printer before needing more ink far surpasses other printer inks.

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Final Note

The Epson line of printers introduced RIP (raster image processor) inkjet technology. This is the latest idea from OEM Epson and the most advanced technology on the market. Because these printers are cheaper to operate, use fewer movable parts, and ultimately produce less waste, one of the greatest benefits of the Epson line is their attention to the protection of the environment.

The state-of-the-art Epson inkjet printer series rivals the laser line and consistently leads in efficiency and quality of printing, as well as the clarity and longevity of more realistic photographs.