5 Printer Brands That Can Stand Up to Constant & Long-Term Use

canon pixma inkjet printer

The printer, copier, scanner (PCS) printers now on the market are recommended for use in small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the home. This design is one that incorporates all of the facets of a full office without using a similar amount of space, energy, and printer ink that a larger office environment might require. These printers have different components to provide various tasks for the user, and the best of these have design qualities that ensure long-term capabilities for both occasional and extended use.

If you’re looking for a new inkjet printer for your home or office, the selection can seem overwhelming at first. The inkjet models are usually priced right for the average consumer, and they also can be maintained with less attention and service. The built-in features of these multifunctional printers have used the most up-to-date technology to ensure stability and performance for any user’s needs.

The Five Best Models

Each printer model comes with its own set of benefits and functions. You should research and determine which operational features work best for your printing needs. The following models are built to last and deliver the quality printing of your documents and photos every time.

1. Canon Maxify MB2750 printer

This Canon Maxify printer is a large, boxy printer that is probably more suited to a small office environment rather than the home. Its large design might prohibit it from being placed on a small table at home, but it will easily fit on a larger desk. This printer can load up to 500 sheets of paper while providing access to faxing, scanning, printing, and email. There is a safety feature on this that controls scanning to email.

This printer is designed for large quantities of documents, and the Canon printer ink lasts through multiple printing jobs. In a small office environment, the Canon Maxify will be a beneficial resource for making sure your documents are ready for clients to review.

2. EPSON Workforce Pro WF-4630 printer

The Epson Workforce rivals the Canon Maxify in the small office environment. While it holds only 150 pages for printing, it can also carry an extra 35 sheets in a reserve for longer documents. As an inkjet, its production of photographs and color is of very high quality, and the ink for this model is cost-effective, even for the office environment.

brother printer in store

3. Brother MFC-J5945DW printer

As a printer designed by a company that also offers laser printers, this model provides excellent document reproduction as well as clear and detailed photograph printing. It is smaller than many laser printers and fits easily on a desk or small table in the workplace. The smaller design allows for more ink capacity, as well as the extra paper needed for larger jobs. If you are comparing this to a laser, this can be purchased at a lower cost.

4. Canon Pixma TR8550 printer

This stable Canon model uses five individual cartridges of Canon printer ink to provide stunning photograph reproduction and clean printing for larger documents. This model is particularly efficient in the home, but it can also be an excellent addition to the small office. This printer works a little slower than some other models but is designed with a touchscreen that makes it fun to use and easy to complete even large tasks.

hp 65xl ink pack

5. HP Envy 5055 printer

The real strength of this printer is its ability to produce clear and detailed photographs. Whether you are looking to print out your digital photographs or you’re a professional photographer, this is a printer you would enjoy having in your office. The initial ink cartridges that come with this model have less ink than most initial packages, but there is an expansion cartridge that is available to provide adequate ink at a more affordable price. This printer can scan and print, but it is missing some of the other features larger models have. However, it is durable and dependable.

Final Note

These are only a few of the printers on the market that have good ratings, but any of these will provide the user with long-term and dependable use. The final decision rests with the consumer and, as always, preferences, particular uses, and price can lead you in one way or another. Many times, it is not always the cost of the machine itself that decides the purchase, but also the cost of the printer ink and maintenance. These five printer models carry a low level of worry for maintenance and upkeep, but the amount of printer ink used should always be a consideration.