The Best Ink Cartridges for Small Businesses

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The cost of printer hardware for the small business owner has been steadily decreasing over the last few years. There are many printer models on the market, and they all are very competitive in price and the quality of the pages they produce. One aspect of printing that has not maintained a parallel path with printers is the quality and cost of ink.

Buying in bulk can shave off 30% to 80% in savings and result in budget-friendly printer and ink options. However, there is not a regulated price for the purchase of cartridges, and some have built-in capabilities that others do not. It is still up to you as the customer to determine what works best for you and where your budget takes you.

Ink Challenges in a Small Business

If you only use your printer intermittently, you may find that your ink cartridges aren’t printing at their optimal levels. One of the challenges of buying ink in a small business is keeping your printer ink from drying out and choosing a budget-friendly printer and ink system.

If you print intermittently, a laser jet printer might be the best option for your small business. Because it uses powder instead of ink, it takes longer for it to become caked and unusable than it takes for ink to dry up. Another option is purchasing a Brother or Epson printer with ink tanks instead of ink cartridges. The tanks can yield between 6,000-8,000 pages at half the cost of a traditional cartridge.

When you’re looking for an ink cartridge, you want affordable options for your business that will last a long time. If you’re printing a lot of high-quality images, ink is always the best choice.

The Best Ink Cartridges

1. Canon CLI-581 Series

The Canon CLI-581 series pairs with the Canon PIXMA TS9150 printers. These printers produce gorgeous photos, utilizing a six-ink cartridge system and black pigment ink. Photographs and images printed on the Canon PIXMA TS9150 look incredible and vivid. If your business prints a lot of photographs and high-quality graphic schemes, the CLI-581 cartridges are an affordable option for this printer. Additionally, because each cartridge is separate, you can replace them individually instead of having to buy a combined ink cartridge.

adjusting printer toner

2. EPSON Durabrite XL t127120

You’ll never get caught running out of ink in the middle of a large project. This cartridge has a built-in chip that notifies you when the ink is getting low. The featured “smartvalve” technology ensures sharp printing consistently. Also, the Durabrite ink establishes a bleed-free surface, and the photographs that are printed do not fade or discolor. This ink cartridge is very adaptable to the frequency and size of the printing jobs.

pixma inkjet printer cartridges

3. HP 63 Original Ink Cartridge

This HP ink and toner cartridge is not the least expensive on the list, but one of the attractive features is that you can use this cartridge with many of the HP models to avoid having to purchase a lot of different cartridges for the office. The added expense is based on the promise that this cartridge will give you twice the printing capacity compared to refilling the tanks. Bulk orders of the HP 63 can bring the cost of these cartridges down even further.

Some of the models the HP 63 cartridge is compatible with include:

  • HP OfficeJet 5255, 4650, and 3830
  • HP DeskJet 2130 and 1112
  • HP Envy 4520

The yield is lower with these cartridges, at about 190 for black ink and 165 for tri-color; however, if you do not print often in your office, it’s a wise investment and a versatile choice for your printers.

4. HP 952 Series

The HP 952 ink cartridges pair with the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format. This printer does everything from printing to copying, to scanning, to faxing, and it features wireless printing and a color touchscreen for easy use. Documents are quick and easy to print and will print in a larger format than other printers, which may be beneficial for some businesses.

The cartridges for the Pro 7740 are affordable and can yield up to 2,000 pages in black and 700 pages in color before they have to be replaced. This is an excellent system for businesses with large printing jobs that require high-quality color and detail.

Final Note

The small business owner can save money and still have high-quality printing by buying tested ink cartridges using the bulk purchasing approach. Don’t let printer ink hurt your business’s bottom line. Instead, find cartridges that will fulfill your business’s printing needs and remain an affordable option for your office.