Product Spotlight: How Brother Toner Stands Out Among the Rest

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Brother Industries is one of the current leaders in home and office printing machinery. The company was established over 100 years ago and started as a manufacturer of sewing machines. By 1950, the company had expanded to the design and manufacturing of washing machines and typewriters and, by the 1960s, they were producing cash registers and number-crunching machines for the office.

The markets for Brother printers were formed in 1971, when the executive of Centronics, a printer manufacturer, and Brother International collaborated to develop a dot-matrix printer that provides innovation to the industry. Because of Brother’s established reputation as an innovator and leader in the printing industry, it stands as one of our favorite brands and worthy of the spotlight.

Entering the Printing Market

The dot-matrix M101 was separated from the other models on the market at the time by the use of a newly designed print head with a patented solenoid impact system, a high printing speed of up to 165 characters per second, and the introduction of a Parallel Port (Centronics Interface) that eventually became the standard for computer printer technology.

By 1987, after a decade with their own dot-matrix machines, Brother launched into the laser printer field with their HL-8. This laser printer, compared to the leading brand HP II, was $200 cheaper and offered more memory, as well as added support for more fonts. This consistent innovation and technological advantage reaches all aspects of the laser printer industry and keeps Brother one step ahead of its competitors.

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Laser Printing

To fully understand how one type of toner can be better than another, it is necessary to have an idea of how a laser printer works. This understanding helps to clarify why the design for a laser printer must include the parallel development of the toner that the printer uses. This scope of design in the Brother laser printer with the Brother toner is one reason why the toner produced by Brother stands out from the rest.

When the user presses the “print” button, several million bytes of information are sent to the microchip in the printer. A large drum in the printer, positively charged by electricity, begins to spin and becomes the main connection between the ink and the paper.

As the drum rotates, a mirror reflects a laser beam across the surface millions of times per second and removes a positive charge from the paper where the characters will be placed, making it negatively charged.

Once the negative charge is recorded, the toner, a dry ink that is positively charged, is attracted to the drum making the copy. The toner is applied evenly to the drum with a thickness of about 15 microns. Once the toner is attached electronically to the drum, it then must be adhered to the paper with another electric charge.

The final stage of the process happens when the paper with dry ink held to it by an electric charge passes through two rollers that are heated to at least 392° F to melt the ink onto the paper. That is why the copies are warm when they are finished.

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Why Choose Brother Toner?

As you can imagine, the toner used in the laser printer can have many chemical combinations to combine the dry ink with other magnetic particles to make the printers function correctly. The Brother company is a leader in printer technology, and they have made it a design priority to build a printer and also create the toner that will make the printer work the best for the consumer.

Brother toners are designed specifically for Brother printers, and the results have given the Brother products a competitive edge. When you shop for Brother ink toner, Brother will guarantee that the toner cartridges will work uninterrupted the moment they are installed, and they will back up any operational breakdowns due to a toner malfunction.

Brother-produced toner consistently provides cleaner and clearer copies for the user. In addition, they outclass their competitors in the number of pages that can be printed, saving the consumer money when they are printing large numbers of copies. The clarity, copy consistency, and photo reproduction integrity cannot be equaled in other printers at similar prices.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a Brother printer, we are here to help you find the right toner for your budget and needs. Brother printers are some of the best printers available on the market, and they are built to last.