7 Advantages of Owning a Brother Printer

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Established in 1954 as a premier sewing machine manufacturer, Brother International Corporation began manufacturing printers in the 1960s.

Brother is known for its innovation, such as finding a method for cheaper production of RFI (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, which are the tags used on consumer products and pets.

Brother always looks to incorporate that same level of innovation in their printers, which are recognized for their quality, reliability, and affordability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other reasons consumers choose Brother over the competition.

1. Integrated Features

Most models also work as a scanner and a fax machine. These integrated all-in-one features mean you can do everything you need with one machine, potentially saving money and space.

When you buy a Brother printer and ink, you’re purchasing an advanced and reliable system that can fulfill all your business and personal needs.

2. High-Quality Printing

Brother Printers produce some of the best quality prints on the market. For example, the Brother HLL8360CDW is one of the printers most recommended for use by graphic designers, a profession where the quality of prints is paramount.

Although they work well with compatible cartridges, results are best when you use your Brother printer with Brother toner, as these products are developed to work well together to produce optimal photographs and prints.

3. Wireless and Cloud-Based Printing Options with Many Models

Some compatible Brother printers also offer wireless or cloud-based mobile printing, meaning you can scan from other devices such as a tablet or smartphone and send the files straight to your linked printer.

The ease and convenience of wireless and cloud printing make Brother one of the forerunners in the printer technology field.

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4. Ease of Installation and Use

Unlike some printers, Brother printers are easy to install and use. Brother printers feature easy-to-use interfaces and come with simple-to-understand manuals, so your staff can be up and running with a new system in a matter of minutes.

Brother offers free assistance in the two weeks after you purchase your printer, to talk you through the installation process in case you run into any complications.

5. Great Company Support

The driver software which operates your printer is among the best available, and the company has a download page specifically for all their drivers. This page is regularly updated and, if your driver has new updates available, the download and install process is straightforward. In the event you have lost your instruction manual, downloads of manuals for all models are available on the same page.

6. Fast Printing Rate

There are times when you don’t want to wait for long periods for your finished printed material. With Brother printers, the printing rate is fast and, even at high speeds, there is no compromise on the quality of your prints.

If your company needs mass-printing capabilities, Brother printers receive and print hundreds of print jobs. With a LaserJet printer, you can print up to 7,000 copies without having to change the toner.

7. A Company with a Long History and Reputation

When you purchase office equipment, you want to ensure that the after-sales service is of the same high quality as the equipment. With a history of manufacturing printers stretching back almost 60 years and a solid global network that supports customers, Brother is a name you can trust.

The customer service at Brother is easy to access for help and questions, and they provide a support center for your specific Brother printer model. If you need after-sales parts for the maintenance of your machine, Brother’s website is easy to navigate.

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Final Word

When you are planning to buy a new printer, whether for your home or office, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Some of these may vary according to your needs, but the primary factors usually include price, reliability, quality of printing and graphics, and accessibility.

Brother printers have a reputation for being the workhorse of printer brands, and they check all the boxes, offering a cost-effective solution to all your printing needs. Couple these attributes with excellent customer support, fantastic quality, and ease of use, and it is easy to see why consumers rank them high for printer reliability and job satisfaction.

Brother printers are an excellent option for the office but also offer practical and fun solutions at home.

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