4 Printing Supplies That Can Elevate Your Modern Office Space

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Modern businesses function in a fast-paced, digital world, and your printer must integrate into this environment seamlessly and reliably. It’s essential to invest in a compact, quiet printer with cloud printing capabilities if you have an open workspace or multiple workstations. Investing in printing supplies for your 21st-century printer elevates your modern office space to the next level.

Modern Office Spaces

Many offices are turning toward a collaborative atmosphere and tearing down the cubicles to encourage teamwork and the sharing of ideas. Shared workspaces, including the use of conference rooms and offices on multiple floors in one building, with a communal area on each floor, is one of the most popular models of a modern office.

Agile shared work environments are flexible, and employees have the freedom to work where they want. This increases productivity and decreases the traditional office feeling of being trapped at your desk.

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This style of collaborative space presents some challenges for office equipment. Unlike past office set-ups, most people don’t operate with a printer on their desk anymore. Instead, a centralized printer is situated near workstations or set up for mobile use wherever the team needs it.

Cloud and wireless printing also cuts down on the amount of equipment that needs to be lugged around. From their phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere in your workspace, your employees can quickly share, send, and print important documents using their Wi-Fi or cell service connection.

So, which printing supplies can help elevate your modern office space?

1. Modern Mobile Printer Stand

In open office spaces where collaboration is paramount, you may have a floor plan model with multiple workstations or a shared workspace with other companies. Invest in a mobile printer stand so your team can take their printer with them to any workspace, along with any supplies they need. A printer stand on wheels, with some shelves and drawers, ensures that you have plenty of paper and ink in every conference room and office you choose to use.

2. Automatic Stapler

For multi-page packets that need to be distributed at company meetings, the thought of using a handheld stapler just doesn’t measure up to modern office spaces. Many modern printers save time and lines at the copy machine with their auto-stapling features, and some will even fold your packets.

3. Ink or Toner

Depending on the needs of your company, you may have to decide between an inkjet or a LaserJet printer. Many companies choose both. For high-quality print images, including charts, photographs, diagrams, and graphic design companies, an inkjet printer can meet all your needs.

While this printer is slower than a LaserJet, they are still quite fast compared to inkjet printers from even a few years ago. Brother printers and ink are considered cutting-edge, especially their INKvestment tank models that feature super high-yield ink cartridges that don’t break the bank.

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Toner printers are excellent for companies that print high-volume copies but don’t necessarily need extraordinary detail in graphics. LaserJet printers produce about 35 pages per minute, and toner cartridges, while more expensive, can last through 7,000 pages as opposed to 400 pages with a standard inkjet printer. HP printers are also dependable in both inkjet and LaserJet models.

4. All-in-One Models

While all-in-one printer models were once at a premium in the early 2000s, every modern office should have a printer-scanner-fax-copy machine handy. This saves time for employees who can make one stop to complete multiple jobs at once.

For clients who like paper and email copies of an invoice or mock-up, having the fax and scanner in one place makes it easier for your staff to send out copies in one step. Many of these printers also have email capabilities, so scans are sent directly to a client’s inbox.

Managers who like to be prepared for a meeting also appreciate the convenience of the printer scanner’s ability to make paper copies and send email copies to employees. This method of distributing important meeting information ensures that even employees who are out, or who may experience technical difficulties, are still in the loop for information.

Final Thoughts

Creating an inviting modern office environment that also incorporates accessible office tools is easy with a few simple supplies and smart choices. If you are ready to elevate your modern office space and create an open and collaborative agile office environment, we can help you make a smooth transition with the ink and laser printer supplies you need. Browse our extensive inventory online or call our customer service representatives at (888)-745-4316. We also offer online chat support for added convenience.