Which Ink Cartridges Are Refillable?

Refilling blank ink into a ink tank of a printer

Refillable cartridges are a great way to stretch your supply budget and an eco-friendly alternative to standard ink cartridges to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Unfortunately, not all brands and models offer refillable cartridges. To help you find the right refillable ink cartridges for your office printer, here is our guide to which ink cartridges are refillable and how to refill them. 


HP Inkjet printers are renowned for their printing efficiency and speed, making them the ideal choice for a large office. The HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-One 6968 series can print up 18 pages per minute using the 902 and 902XL ink cartridges in cyan, yellow, black, and magenta. 

However, high-volume printing jobs tend to run ink levels low very quickly. Fortunately, the 902, 902XL, and 906XL Instant Ink Setup H cartridges are compatible with refills.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 7000 and 8000 series of printers also use cartridges that support refills. The ink cartridge models used for these printers include 952, 952XL, and 956XL Instant Ink. Check the cartridge label for “Ready Setup,” as only these models can be refilled. 


There are many reasons why we love Canon PIXMA printers, but the main reason is that very few printer models offer the versatility of a PIXMA. They provide exceptional quality document printing as well as crystal clear high-resolution photo printing, making them not only great for the office but also for use at home. Best of all, there is a vast range of PIXMA printers that run using cartridges that support refills. 

Canon refillable ink cartridges compatible with PIXMA printers include Canon 250/251, 270/271, 280/281, 550/551, and 245/246. Any PIXMA printer that runs using one of these printer cartridge models is easily refilled using a refill kit. 

After refilling your ink cartridges, reset your printer to recognize the cartridge as new. The printer setup should give you the option to continue to use the refilled ink cartridge after installation––you will need to click “YES.” Alternatively, there may be a small triangle button on your printer. This is the reset button. Press this for approximately five seconds to activate it after installing each refilled cartridge. 

Printer in cartridges


When it comes to innovation, nobody does it better than Epson. They continue to push the boundaries of printer technology by offering increased connectivity while minimizing the printer profile for a more discreet addition to your office. 

Epson is also dedicated to providing cost-effective and eco-friendly printing options, which is why they offer a wide selection of Epson ink cartridges that can be refilled. 

For your home office, the Epson Expression Home XP printer series uses a variety of refillable printer ink cartridges, depending on the printer model. Expression printers that use 200, 220/220XL and 288/288XL cartridges can be refilled.

Epson office printers, including the Epson WorkForce WF and WP series, also feature refillable cartridges. Some of the compatible cartridge models include 125, 126, 127, 200, 220/220XL, and 252/252XL.

One of the best things about Epson printers is that the cartridges and printers are so easy to reprogram. The smart chips on the cartridges automatically reset, and the ink level monitors are restored upon restarting your printer. 


The Brother company is a pioneer in printing technology. Customers continue to rely on Brother printers and inks to deliver high-quality documents and photos at work and at home. Thanks to their user-friendly design, an enormous range of Brother printers operate with ink cartridges that support refills.

Brother printer ink cartridges that can be refilled include 60, 70, 100, 120, 200/220, 1100, and 1200. Check your Brother printer to see if your ink cartridges are compatible with refills.

How to Refill Your Ink Cartridges

It is not recommended that you refill ink cartridges yourself. In many cases, the improper filling can cause any unused ink in the cartridge to thicken and clog the microscopic holes that dispense the ink. Manual refilling can also be a messy business, exposing you to potentially harmful chemicals.

If you do choose to refill your ink cartridges, use an Ink Refill Kit and always refill your cartridges before the ink runs dry. Take care not to touch the copper printhead to avoid damage to your printer. 

Technicians Refill ink cartridges

Final Word

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