Why Does My Printer Print Blank Pages?

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One of the most common printer problems is repeatedly printing blank pages. This issue severely impacts workplace productivity and can affect a company’s bottom line. But what causes blank page printing, and what can you do to solve it?

Why Your Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

There are a few reasons why your printer is printing blank pages. In most cases, the cause for your printer’s issues stems from its ink or toner. In other instances, the problem will be with the paper in your printer. Here are some of the possible reasons for blank pages.

Empty Ink Cartridge

An empty ink cartridge can cause your printer to print a blank page. Without sufficient ink, a printer will not produce a clear printout and send out a blank sheet of paper. Before you start printing any paper, check the inkjet ink levels in your cartridge.

Incorrect Cartridge Installation

Another issue that occurs with printer ink cartridges is improper installation. Even with a full ink cartridge, a printer will not function if you don’t connect the cartridge to the printer correctly. The printer cartridge may slightly dislodge and fail to connect with the printer. The easiest way is to remove and reinstall the cartridge to ensure everything is in place.

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Wrong Paper Sizes

If you have a set a default paper size for your printer and insert the wrong paper type, the machine may not produce any printout. The sensor may not recognize the paper density, or the rollers may not accept the sheets.

Clogged Nozzles

The quality of the printer ink can have a significant impact on your prints. High-quality ink is specially formulated to move smoothly through nozzles; however, cheap imitations can lead to issues. The printer will not produce printouts if the ink hardens up and starts to clog the nozzles. In most cases, a blockage in the nozzle can occur if you use the printer infrequently or when the ink solidifies when printing in cold environments.

Printer Driver Issues

The printer driver is how your computer and printer communicate. Driver miscommunications can occur in printer models, and error diffusion alerts can lead to poor quality printing and blank page production.

An outdated or corrupted printer driver may be the possible cause for blank page printouts. If your printer sends an error alert before it sends out the blank paper, then the problem lies with a faulty driver. In some cases, the issue may lie with the printer software affecting the printer function.

How to Troubleshoot the Problem

For most issues, there are several methods you can use to fix a printer that keeps printing blank pages. The primary way to resolve the blank page printing is by restarting both your computer and the printer. If the problem persists, try the following solutions:

Fix the Ink Cartridges

Start by checking and fixing the ink cartridges in your printer. Verify the cartridges are working correctly by checking and reinstalling the defective ones. You may have to replace a faulty cartridge with a new one, if necessary.

Check the Ink Levels on Your Printer

Low or empty cartridges cause the printer to print blank spaces. Fix the problem by checking the ink or toner levels and refilling the toner cartridge.

Here is how to tell if ink cartridge is empty: Print a printer report to determine the ink levels. If the report is faded or unclear, it’s time to refill or replace the ink cartridges. Some printer software versions will send updates to alert you when to replace your cartridges, so check your computer notifications.

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Update Your Printer Driver

If the problem arises from having an outdated driver, fix it by updating the printer driver. You may need to install the latest driver for your printer to resolve the issue. Depending on which version of Windows or Mac you use, there are various ways to update your printer driver.

For PCs that operate with Windows 10, simply go to the Control Panel, then Device Manager and search through the printer drop-down menu to find the option that corresponds with your printer model.

Alternatively, check your printer manufacturer’s website for printer driver updates. The website’s support page often features links to downloadable drivers and instructions on how to keep your drivers continually updated.

Check and Clean the Nozzle

You can also fix the blank page printing problem by checking whether the ink cartridges are clogged or blocked and clean them. You can clean the nozzles from the printer control panel or clean it manually with isopropyl alcohol.

The Takeaway

If your printer continues to print blank sheets, the problem often boils down to either the toner or paper problems. You can try these suggestions whenever you experience the printer printing blank pages. If you have tried each of these troubleshooting solutions and still experience the problem, you might want to consider servicing your printer. To prevent ink printer problems, invest in quality remanufactured printer ink cartridges from InkJet Superstore.