3 Ink-Efficient Printers for School Projects

Canon PIXMA GM2070 Inkjet printer

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Ink can be expensive. When it comes to a school project, you’ll need a printer that can use ink efficiently while still maintaining print quality. When you’re shopping for a printer for your school projects, look for features such as the ability to quickly check ink levels, a good page yield per cartridge and how easy it is to find compatible cartridges and bottles. Also, find out how many pages the printer can print per minute and the quality of the final prints since you don’t want any streaks or marks on your school assignments.     

For some inspiration, here are our three recommendations for ink-efficient printers that can help you earn an A+ in the classroom.   

1. Canon PIXMA TR8520

Costing under $200, this printer takes up very little hardware space on your computer and has a minuscule footprint to optimize desk space. It’s also packed with features that make it easy to use, including Bluetooth connectivity; software, such as Printer Assistant and Image Display; a collection of filters; HD movie print and more. 

The Canon PIXMA TR8520 printer uses a total of 4096 ink nozzles while using five ink cartridges. It also has two separate black inks, one for dark text and the other for dark areas of photos. The result is precise detail. Print anything from term papers to stunning graphics to photos from your camera with up to 4800×1200 dpi resolution. 

This printer can also take the XXL ink cartridges, which allows you to get 6.1 times more printer ink than the standard cartridges. While the TR8520 would not be ideal for high-volume printing in an office, it makes an excellent home printer for students working on projects.

HP LaserJet Pro M15a printer on display

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2. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

For students who have never owned a printer before, the HP office 8035 is an excellent choice because it comes with an 8-month supply of ink.

This printer offers ultra-quick printing, producing 29 pages per minute on the highest print quality settings. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 also has excellent print quality for text, graphics and even photographs. 

However, this printer stands out among the competition due to its impressive ink efficiency. It uses high-yield ink cartridges such as the 910XL and the 910 color ink cartridge. If you print up to 100 pages per month, these cartridges can last up to six months. 

But when the time finally comes to change your cartridges, InkJetSuperStore.com has all the HP ink cartridges you need from OfficeJet, LaserJet, CopyJet and DeskJet printers and many more.  

CANON GI-790 Original ink Bottle Set

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3. Canon Pixma G5020 Wireless Megatank Printer

If you’re looking for a printer that is ink-efficient while offering superior print quality, then the Canon Pixma G5020 Wireless MegaTank Printer is ideal. Although it has a slightly higher price tag than similar models, it is worth every penny for the incredible ink efficiency and added features. 

You can print highly legible text in all sizes. It’s also perfect for printing out highly detailed, streak-free graphics in the form of gradients, fills, backgrounds and hairlines. But it shows off its real printing capabilities with photographs, printing out high-quality glossy photos in sharp detail. 

This fantastic Canon model comes with sets of ink bottles in black and color and features ink reservoirs rather than standard cartridges. The black ink bottles allow you to print up to 18,000 black and white pages, while the color ink bottles allow you to print up to 7,700 pages. When it is time to change the bottle, visit InkJetSuperStore.com, where you’ll find the full range of Canon ink colors. 

The Canon Pixma G5020 Wireless Megatank Printer is very cheap to run. You won’t spend more than 0.2 cents per black and white page and 0.7 cents per color page. You can also easily check the ink levels on a clear panel on the front of the G5020, so you’ll never run out of ink when you need it most. 

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The printers with the highest price tag and the highest print quality are not necessarily the most ink efficient printers. Consider what you need for your school projects, whether you’re mainly printing text-based essays or you need full-color graphics for an assignment, and you’ll end up saving a lot of time and money if you choose the model that’s the perfect fit. 

Despite their high ink-efficiency, all printers run out of ink eventually. To replenish your ink supply and ensure that you never turn in a school project late, browse the full selection of ink cartridges and laser printer ink at InkJetSuperStore.com.