7 Ways Personal Printers for Teachers Can Be Used

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Thanks partly to the pandemic’s reliance on remote learning, districts across the country are pushing for digital materials more than ever. Unfortunately, research shows that students read differently on a screen than they do on paper and not in a good way. 

Printers in the classroom can be a lifesaver, and not just because you’ll save time traveling to the copier at the other end of the building every time a student needs a new copy of a handout. Try these ideas for printing on a classroom printer to make your lessons more exciting.

1. Print on Sticky Notes

While you can do this on a copier, it’s risky and causes many copier jam headaches, but it’s easy on a personal printer! Download a template like this one, and place the sticky notes in the boxes. Ensure the adhesive is at the top, or the loose edge of the sticky note will catch on the printer and crumple.

This is a great way to give students a sticky note to stick in their chosen book to help them remember a particular strategy you want them to use or to quickly collect data about their learning on a parking lot chart. Make sure you have plenty of laser printer toner on hand for this one since you and your students will love the difference it makes to have printed sticky notes!

2. Decorate with Gratitude Banners

Students today are more stressed out than ever, and it can be hard for them to see the good in their lives. Gratitude banners ask students to find one thing they are grateful for and display it. It can also be a great team-building activity by asking students to generate things they are thankful for in their classroom or classmates.

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3. Print Off Coloring Sheets

On a day when things may not be going right, sometimes you need a mindfulness minute to reset everyone’s emotions. Coloring has been proven to help everyone, not just children, handle their anxiety. There are coloring sheets appropriate to every grade level and subject matter available online, so keep a few handy for kids who may need them, but don’t be afraid to print one off for the entire class on a bad day! 

4. Have Students Construct Paper Models

Sometimes you need to make the 2D 3D, but you may not have access to expensive model-making equipment. Instead, have students construct their models with paper. There are a lot of STEM challenges available with great printables. HP toner cartridges can help you print color models.

5. Create Personalized Planner Pages

Students often struggle to stay organized. While many districts may provide a standard planner template, they don’t always work for every kid. Fortunately, many planner page options are available for kids to choose from, or they can design their own. Print them off on Mondays for students to use to stay organized for a week. If they don’t like the one they have, they can easily switch to something else without wasting an entire planner.

6. Easily Print Differentiated Assignments

Sometimes kids learn things faster than we expect, and we need another activity to push them to keep growing. Having a printer handy means you can print something for your fast learner without wasting paper to make many copies when you only need one. If a student doesn’t grasp something as quickly as you expected, you can easily print off an assignment more suited to their level.

7. Print Handouts in Color

A student who struggles to read often struggles not with reading the words but with tracking their eyes across the page. They need their handouts printed with different colored lines of text, so they track across the page more easily. Have a canon toner on hand to make a quick switch if you run out of ink.

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Select a Personal Printer for Your Classroom 

To engage your students this term, a personal color printer for your classroom is a must-have. Vibrant printouts help get kids excited about the learning materials. Having a printer easily accessible means teachers can spend more time focusing on students rather than running back and forth to the copy room. 

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