What Printers Use Magnetic Ink?

 Whether you are running your small business from home or are well-established in an office, printing your own checks can save time and money. The ability to print your own checks eliminates the risk of running out of them at an inconvenient time. When printing your own checks, there are a few things to be aware of beforehand. Continue reading “What Printers Use Magnetic Ink?”

What Is Print Marketing and Why Is it Important for Your Business?

In this digital age, we are oversaturated with digital marketing. From Facebook ads to digitized billboards, screens have become the new advertising platform. If you feel that digital marketing is missing a key advertising component, you’re not wrong. Print marketing is the solution. Continue reading “What Is Print Marketing and Why Is it Important for Your Business?”

Which Ink Cartridges Are Refillable?

Refillable cartridges are a great way to stretch your supply budget and an eco-friendly alternative to standard ink cartridges to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Unfortunately, not all brands and models offer refillable cartridges. To help you find the right refillable ink cartridges for your office printer, here is our guide to which ink cartridges are refillable and how to refill them.  Continue reading “Which Ink Cartridges Are Refillable?”

How Printing Technology Has Influenced the Classroom

Although the printing press was revolutionary, most schools used a limited number of textbooks up through the 19th century. While universities had libraries and a range of printed resources, elementary and high schools relied much more heavily on verbal instruction from teachers. Continue reading “How Printing Technology Has Influenced the Classroom”

Smart Printing: How Do Laser Printers Work?

Printing technology has improved in recent years, and laser printing is better than ever. Although inkjet printing can provide superior results for color printing and detailed black-and-white prints, laser printing is the standard for everyday use. 

Like any machine, laser printers have many moving parts. Understanding how a laser printer works is essential for taking proper care of it and extending its life as long as possible. Continue reading “Smart Printing: How Do Laser Printers Work?”

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Printer for a Large Office

Printers are the backbone of many large offices, and getting one that meets every department’s needs can be a challenge. A good office printer has to balance cost and quality while providing a range of functions. If employees’ needs aren’t being met, you may end up having to outsource some print jobs. Continue reading “The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Printer for a Large Office”

4 Printing Supplies That Can Elevate Your Modern Office Space

Modern businesses function in a fast-paced, digital world, and your printer must integrate into this environment seamlessly and reliably. It’s essential to invest in a compact, quiet printer with cloud printing capabilities if you have an open workspace or multiple workstations. Investing in printing supplies for your 21st-century printer elevates your modern office space to the next level. Continue reading “4 Printing Supplies That Can Elevate Your Modern Office Space”