The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Your Ink Cartridges

The world that we now live in is highly driven by technology and all of its impressive capabilities. Whether we’re using it to talk on the phone, search something on Google, or to invent something new, technology has provided us with an expansive amount of opportunities in all kinds of fields. Continue reading “The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Your Ink Cartridges”

How to Tell if Your Ink Cartridge Is Empty

In the growing world of technology, printers play a very large part. There is a wide range of printers available based on the needs of an individual or company, and their capabilities have only grown as their need continues. Nowadays, printers easily print and scan files, create high-quality photos, and even have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities for wireless printing. Continue reading “How to Tell if Your Ink Cartridge Is Empty”

How Tiny Offices Will Become the New Tiny House Phenomenon

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about a new trend hitting the real estate scene. Surprisingly, it’s not about going bigger and better; in fact, it’s about getting smaller and more space-efficient. The trend has been the “tiny house movement,” and it follows homeowners from all over who are choosing to downsize their homes for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “How Tiny Offices Will Become the New Tiny House Phenomenon”

Product Spotlight: HP Ink Cartridges

Hewlett Packard printers (HP) are one of the pioneer companies when it comes to printers and printing supplies. It was founded in 1939 in California, by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard. While the first product created was an audio oscillator, the history of HP will show that today the company specializes in creating and manufacturing computers, networking hardware, computer storage and more. Items that consumers are most familiar with from HP include PCs, software, printers and imaging products. Continue reading “Product Spotlight: HP Ink Cartridges”

All About Magnetic Ink Cartridges

Even though the power of technology has taken quite a large chunk out of our printing needs, there is still an undeniable demand for the printing process, regardless. Whether it is for books, magazines, or mail, the need for quality printers and printing cartridges is still at the forefront of successful businesses. As consumers, we continue to see improvements in the printing industry, from faster printing options to smaller printers, and even eco-friendly cartridges to improve sustainability. Continue reading “All About Magnetic Ink Cartridges”

11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now


11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now

When we compare large corporations and small businesses, there is often one universal comparison to be made: finances. While it’s not always true, many small businesses begin working with a much lower budget, with the goal of seeing the business grow and seeing the financial rewards increase over time.

Continue reading “11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now”

Building a Remote Office Culture: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

Once upon a time, a desirable, fun office culture was simply something on people’s “nice to have” list, as far as what they were looking for in a workplace. Now that millennials are the generation with the largest representation in the modern workforce, however, it’s quickly becoming a “must have”. Continue reading “Building a Remote Office Culture: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind”

Technology Every Office Manager Needs to Use

Whether you’re in charge of your own small business or simply manage an office for a large one, job success for you means making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes the perfect office environment is more easily envisioned than realized, though.

How can you make sure day-to-day operations run efficiently without cutting corners or sacrificing productivity? What really makes the difference between a well-run office and an office that really needs improvement? Continue reading “Technology Every Office Manager Needs to Use”

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

When you’re really pressed for time and need to get something printed pronto, there’s nothing more frustrating than a printer that literally won’t do its job. It can happen to the best of us. After months or years of problem-free use, you go to print something specific only to have your HP printer spit out nothing but blank pages.

Why does this happen? Most importantly, what can you do to fix it quickly so that you can get back to your busy day? Continue reading “HP Printer Printing Blank Pages: Why It Happens and How to Fix It”