Are Canon Ink Cartridges Interchangeable?

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When you buy a printer, you’ll discover that printer ink cartridges are mostly not interchangeable across printer manufacturers. However, in general, each printer cartridge works with a particular type of printer. If you already have an ink preference due to pricing or quality, it may be worthwhile taking that into consideration when buying a printer or when trying to decide which printer is best, Canon or HP Continue reading “Are Canon Ink Cartridges Interchangeable?”

Homework Help: How Printing Tech Has Evolved the Way We Study

In the centuries since the invention of the printing press, books and other printed materials have helped spread new ideas around the world. Political and cultural changes have occurred thanks to books becoming more accessible, and generations of scientific contributions have been made possible by science textbooks and other printed material.  Continue reading “Homework Help: How Printing Tech Has Evolved the Way We Study”

10 Fun Easter Crafts You Can Print

Spring has sprung, and Easter is right around the corner. Whether you have little kids who still believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny or your family is mostly made up of older members, this springtime holiday provides the perfect opportunity to stock up on printer ink, dig out your craft supplies and start making cute decorations, gifts for loved ones, gallery-worthy artwork, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Continue reading “10 Fun Easter Crafts You Can Print”

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Packing for College

Leaving home and heading off to college is exciting. It’s also overwhelming and a bit terrifying. When you’ve never lived on your own before, knowing what you need to bring with you isn’t always easy. Since those “broke college student” stereotypes tend to ring true, running to the store and buying the things you need may not be possible. And if you are going to school on the other side of the country, forget about having Mom or Dad bring things to you when you need them.

Don’t panic. Continue reading “The Ultimate Survival Guide to Packing for College”

5 Unique Digital Gift Ideas Using a LaserJet Printer

If you think laser printers are just for business, think again! While they aren’t your best choice for printing high-quality, frameable photographs, they can still be used for a wide variety of craft projects. Whether you need a last-minute birthday gift, something special for a grandparent, or even a creative gift for a favorite teacher, you can use your LaserJet printer to create something that is truly one of a kind. Here are just a few of our favorite laser printer gift ideas. Continue reading “5 Unique Digital Gift Ideas Using a LaserJet Printer”

The Best Printer & Printer Ink for Photo Printing

Have a hard drive that’s overflowing with family photos? Or a smartphone that’s constantly giving you “Low Storage” warnings because you have so many pictures? You definitely aren’t alone. Digital photography allows us to capture more memories than ever before possible, and, with our smartphones constantly at our sides, we are always snapping pictures. Continue reading “The Best Printer & Printer Ink for Photo Printing”

The Best (and Worst) Photoshop Fails in the Media to Date

Many people can master the art of Photoshop, and this kind of skill is relied on heavily for photos, posters, movies and more. As technology gets smarter, this kind of photo-editing tool only gets easier to use and even more capable of completely altering what a camera has captured. Continue reading “The Best (and Worst) Photoshop Fails in the Media to Date”

10 Thought-Provoking Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

The process of interviewing and hiring employees differs from company to company. For companies who are looking to fill a very important role, interviews can take weeks, months, and even years to complete. The more important and integral the role to be filled, the more important it will be to find the perfect person. That often means multiple interviews of the same people to cut down the list and find the candidate with the skills best suited to the company. Continue reading “10 Thought-Provoking Interview Questions to Ask Candidates”

10 Wildest Cyber-Attacks of 2017

Every year we hope that cyber-attacks will not worsen, and we’ll finally have figured out the formula for stopping them. However, it seems that the problem only continues to be a huge issue for online databases all over the world. Regardless of whether you’re talking about a business in the Fortune 500, a small start-up down the street, or a personal e-mail, every single day accounts and information are being stolen, leaked, and held captive. Continue reading “10 Wildest Cyber-Attacks of 2017”

Halloween Is Just Around the Corner. How Does Your Holiday Packaging Influence Consumer Behavior?

Product packaging is just one component of a product’s success, but it is also a very vital part. When done properly, effective packaging will not only keep a product protected, but it will also have the ability to attract customers, effectively advertise, and speak to the brand of the company.

When a product is poorly packaged, a company immediately runs the risk of looking unprofessional, and they may lose some of their customers as a result. When a product is delivered, a customer should feel as though they’re opening a gift made just for them. It is an experience that they should enjoy every time something is delivered, which will urge them to continue their relationship with a specific brand. Continue reading “Halloween Is Just Around the Corner. How Does Your Holiday Packaging Influence Consumer Behavior?”