How Tiny Offices Will Become the New Tiny House Phenomenon

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about a new trend hitting the real estate scene. Surprisingly, it’s not about going bigger and better; in fact, it’s about getting smaller and more space-efficient. The trend has been the “tiny house movement,” and it follows homeowners from all over who are choosing to downsize their homes for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “How Tiny Offices Will Become the New Tiny House Phenomenon”

11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now


11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now

When we compare large corporations and small businesses, there is often one universal comparison to be made: finances. While it’s not always true, many small businesses begin working with a much lower budget, with the goal of seeing the business grow and seeing the financial rewards increase over time.

Continue reading “11 Easy Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money Now”

Office Trends in Large Technology Companies

Office trends are seeing a huge shift from the dull, drab cubicles we worked in a decade ago. Many companies are now incorporating bright colors and sleek, modern architecture to make their offices more appealing.

There are companies, however, that are taking this a step further and incorporating open workspaces, bean bag chairs, go-karts, slides, and full-service cafés. More likely than not, the companies that utilize these cool perks tend to be technology companies. Continue reading “Office Trends in Large Technology Companies”

Switching to a Fun Office Culture: #1 Definitive Guide Online

google employment infographicIn the past, people went to the workplace to … well, work. And that was it. Employees had their nose to the grindstone from 9-5 five days a week.

They didn’t celebrate birthdays or holidays. They didn’t have a happy hour or Christmas parties. Going to work was not fun. Fun was reserved for after work or the weekends. Continue reading “Switching to a Fun Office Culture: #1 Definitive Guide Online”

5 Modern Innovations in the Workplace

Technology has changed significantly in the past decade, from computing, to printing, to collaborating. If you’ve been in an office lately, you’d see that changes are happening there as well. The traditional 9-5 in a cubicle is no longer working for many companies. That’s why cubicles are no longer the norm. Instead, the most innovative offices are focusing on workplaces that foster collaboration. Continue reading “5 Modern Innovations in the Workplace”