11 Print Terms All Professionals Should Know

Listening to print design professionals talk can sound intimidating. Yet, for office managers and anyone else who needs to communicate with designers and printers, understanding printing terminology is an important skill that can help you make the most of your printing projects. To make sure your printing projects turn out exactly as you imagined, here are 11 print terms to add to your vocabulary. Continue reading “11 Print Terms All Professionals Should Know”

An Educator’s Guide to Shopping for Kid-Friendly Printers & Printing Accessories

Every educator knows that once the summer is over, the classroom needs to be ready for the kids. While this involves gathering supplies such as art items, paper, and writing utensils, many educators find themselves searching for the best way to employ students’ knowledge and creativity in technology. Continue reading “An Educator’s Guide to Shopping for Kid-Friendly Printers & Printing Accessories”

5 Printer Brands That Can Stand Up to Constant & Long-Term Use

The printer, copier, scanner (PCS) printers now on the market are recommended for use in small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the home. This design is one that incorporates all of the facets of a full office without using a similar amount of space, energy, and printer ink that a larger office environment might require. These printers have different components to provide various tasks for the user, and the best of these have design qualities that ensure long-term capabilities for both occasional and extended use. Continue reading “5 Printer Brands That Can Stand Up to Constant & Long-Term Use”

5 Ways to Help Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out

We’ve all been there. You send something to your printer and, despite having plenty of ink, the document comes out nearly illegible. It has streaky lines, colors are missing, and it just all around looks terrible. And, of course, this problem tends to occur when you are in a hurry or when you need to print something important.  Continue reading “5 Ways to Help Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out”

4 Printers That Have the Longest-Lasting Ink Cartridges

When it comes to buying an affordable inkjet printer, the upfront cost isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. There are some printers that cost very little in the beginning but leave their owners feeling like they need to take out a second mortgage every time the ink needs to be replaced. Continue reading “4 Printers That Have the Longest-Lasting Ink Cartridges”

Cut Costs by Printing at Home: A Guide to Printing Business Cards & Other Important Documents

Having things professionally printed can be incredibly expensive. Whether you are creating business cards, contracts, resumes, or any other type of document, going to your local print shop will likely cost you a pretty penny. Fortunately, though, you can save yourself a bundle by merely printing at home.  Continue reading “Cut Costs by Printing at Home: A Guide to Printing Business Cards & Other Important Documents”

Storing Printer Toner & Ink: Essential Dos & Don’ts

Whether you are a business owner, a student, a parent, or a teacher, stocking up on extra toner and ink cartridges is always a smart idea. Doing so ensures that you won’t run out at a time when you are unable to go to the store or when you are trying to complete a project at the last minute. It also means that you won’t have to worry about the ink or toner you need being out of stock at your favorite store or where you prefer to order your printing supplies from online. Continue reading “Storing Printer Toner & Ink: Essential Dos & Don’ts”

4 Budget-Friendly Printers & Printer Ink Options

If you are in the market for a new printer and are shopping on a limited budget, you may be unsure of how to get the best possible deal. Printers are available at virtually any price point, and even many of today’s lower-end models are capable of producing some pretty impressive results. There are a lot of different options to choose from, though, and many people find it difficult to find one that is well-suited to their needs. Continue reading “4 Budget-Friendly Printers & Printer Ink Options”

9 Common DIY Printer Repair Hacks

Printers are awesome … when they’re functioning as they should. Most of the time, they speedily print off documents and photos without any problems. Sometimes, though, issues pop up. A malfunctioning printer can be extremely frustrating. The good news, though, is that most problems are easy to fix yourself. If your printer isn’t working how it should be, don’t rush out and buy a new one or call a professional repairperson just yet. Check out this list of common DIY printer repair hacks. You just might be able to fix it yourself and save yourself a lot of money! Continue reading “9 Common DIY Printer Repair Hacks”

Tips on Transporting & Storing Your Printer

There are several situations where you may need to transport or store your printer. Maybe you are a student who is headed off to college, or perhaps your office is relocating to a new job. Or maybe your family is moving to a new city and you want to bring your current printer with you to set up in your new home. You could even be remodeling your office and need to safely store your printer somewhere until the work is completed. No matter what your situation may be, knowing how to safely transport and store your printer is important. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that your device will fire right up when you unpack and reinstall it. Continue reading “Tips on Transporting & Storing Your Printer”